Alex Hunter Is Here we are at Your way for FIFA 18

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Alongside precisely how gameplay?have been designed with individual players planned, EA stated that Alex Hunter will probably be continuing his rise to stardom in?Your way in FIFA 18.

In a funny video featuring famous names on the football world including Pep Guardiola, we got some brief clips within the new season within the Journey. You can see the playback quality below.

The video sees clips from YouTube stars and famous fans including people from Arsenal Fan TV and Andy Tate. Players and managers also give their opinions on Alex Hunter and just what they believe he is required to do today to take his career one stage further.

We see Alex dealing with teams business leagues, including LA Galaxy, and develop personal relationships and make his worth off the pitch. He’s clearly learning to be a huge player during the Premier League and beyond.

FIFA 18 will be available on all the usual platforms, this September.

Stay tuned to Twinfinite for further live coverage of E3 2017 now!

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