Analyst Says XB1X Is an effective Deal at $499; Predicts 4M Shipped Through 2018, 5M for PS4 Pro

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Microsoft’s Xbox One X, or XB1X for short, has become slightly over a month faraway from being launched in stores.

Delivering the strongest hardware ever seen among consoles to date, Microsoft is hoping to make a dent or dimple into Sony’s leadership position while in the console market. Can the XB1X do that?

Lewis Ward, IDC Research Director for Gaming and VR/AR, was interviewed by GamesTM with their latest issue (#191) included in a greater feature about the upcoming console. He stated:

No, the XB1X probably will not be enough for Microsoft to get up. It needs to give PlayStation 4 Pro a run for the benefit 2018 in the nation along with the Great britain, however. I’m projecting about 4 million XB1X consoles shipped from Q4 2017 with the end of 2018, and approximately 5 million PlayStation 4 Pro consoles shipped from the same timeframe.

The way shipments stop working globally, however, that implies an extremely tight race in america as well as the Great britain.

Ward also says IDC data suggests both EA Access and Xbox Game Pass being quite healthy on Xbox One.

Preliminary analysis of our Q3 2017 US gamer survey reveals that about 20 per cent of Xbox One owners utilize one or both (EA Access and Xbox Game Pass). What a good attach rate in my book since useful still fairly young and aren’t cheap.

Perhaps the most significant hurdle for many customers stands out as the Xbox One X’s high price. Once we previously said, though, the retail price isn’t high by any means once you think about the specifications. Lewis Ward agrees with this sentiment.

Well, they will somewhat be falling in value within the hardware out of the gate. Our component teardown suggested a market price for at least $600. So yes, it’s expensive compared to traditional home console norms, e-mail, designed to cause some people never to get it, but considering the hardware specifications I feel $500 is a good deal.

The Xbox One X will launch for most countries on November 7th. Think you’re getting one? Contact us below!

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