Assassin's Creed Origins Update 1.4.2 Does Some Boring Stuff

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Assassin’s Creed Origins becomes another update – one in a lengthy line. But unlike the mediocre ones, this latest patch doesn’t do a lot beyond the usual nip and tuck. Once we may be frank, whoever that dude is, we’d say it’s quite tame. Not less than when compared to what we’ve been use to from the keyboard wizards at Ubisoft.

The patch notes published around the official Ubisoft forums describes a lot of fixes. Fix this, fix that; you will get the idea. In actual fact, a result of the measure of fixing occurring, we’d very impressed if there’s anything left broken after it’s downloaded. There’s your challenge, readers. Find something that’s still broken!

But the largest surprise comes in how big the the update, which tips the scales on a whopping 3.7-ish GB. Now who ate the many Templars?

Reading between your lines of them hefty patch notes, and there are usually a few, Assassin’s Creed Origins was apparently a damaged game before it dropped. Ever since would explain those embarrassingly awful review scores… On a serious note it’s great to check out a studio committing a lot of time and attention with a game which has already repaid their development efforts. Seems like these were being truthful after they said Assassin’s Creed Origins has arrived for any foreseeable.?

Patch Highlight:?
Following community feedback, we thought i would adjust time Pharaoh’s Shadows will continue to be after defeating their accompanied NPCs.

The Curse of your Pharaohs

  • Fixed a challenge in the final boss fight which may cause statues to never respawn when destroyed over the fight
  • Fixed a problem about the Italian localization that may prevent a voice line from playing in the “Burnt Offerings” quest
  • Fixed an element that could cause Bayek additionally, the quest giver NPC for any quest “Drowned Tools” for getting stuck in each other
  • Fixed an element that might cause the Anubis Shadows to reappear if already killed when getting desynchronized soon after completing a key main quest objective (no spoilers)
  • Fixed a problem where Isidora would head for the hills if scared in the “Aten Rising” quest
  • Fixed a worry where players could easily get stuck from the basement throughout the “Soured Libations” quest
  • Fixed a problem when the “The God’s Spark” objective would sometimes not marked as completed during the “Shield or Blade” quest
  • Fixed an issue the place that the boss over the final boss fight could start glowing after hitting him which includes a heavy attack


  • Adjusted time Pharaoh’s Shadows stay after defeating it’s accompanied NPCs following community feedback
  • Fixed a problem where bosses would take more damage in your body compared to the head when making use of bows
  • Fixed a worry the spot that the weapons on the Pharaohs didn’t render properly
  • Fixed a challenge with Arena bosses that could sometimes not move during cutscenes
  • Improved the behavior of bosses


  • Improved the Scorpion behavior from the afterlife
  • Fixed a dilemma preventing “Eternal Maw” from being available for sale by owner inside stables
  • Fixed a concern preventing the player from getting together with clues if he dashed in the same time
  • Fixed a concern where enemy NPCs wouldn’t attack Bayek inside Tychon’s office
  • Fixed an issue the place that the playable character under specific situations would be in combat state after attacking Hyenas
  • Fixed an issue the place that the poison effect of your “Venomous Grace” may be used on additional equipped weapon
  • Fixed a problem with NPC enemies that will cause them to never attack the playable character

User Interface

  • Fixed an element that caused the Thebes icon to get absent within the ‘uncompleted locations’ tab
  • Fixed an issue that might cause Aaru’s moon for being visible over the Aten map.
  • Fixed an element that could potentially cause the bond line between two skills to disappear after reopening the menu
  • Fixed an element that could under circumstances result in a graphical glitch show up during the HUD
  • Fixed a concern where loading screen hints would disappear after loading is finished rather than during


  • Fixed a challenge during the Aten afterlife that may allow players to move not in the game’s boundaries
  • Fixed a difficulty during the Duat afterlife where players could remain stuck
  • Fixed an issue near Ramesses’ resting place that will cause infinite corpses to spawn
  • Fixed an issue that might cause Bayek to have stuck within an infinite climbing animation at Bebnum’s House
  • Fixed an element that may cause players to have stuck in the infinite falling animation when climbing the mountain inside Duat afterlife to your “Shield or Blade” quest
  • Fixed a challenge where the bush wouldn’t normally provide cover to Bayek nearby the Temple of Hatshepsut
  • Fixed a concern where players can see in the building in the “Love or Duty”
  • Fixed a challenge where banner texture inside the Yebu fortress would disappear after a few meters
  • Fixed a challenge in which the player could possibly get stuck on the chest with the ‘Funeral Parlor’ location
  • Fixed a difficulty with NPC swimming animations inside Afterlife

Graphics &?Audio

  • Fixed a difficulty where another voice could often be heard over Bayek’s through the final main quest “The Curse on the Pharaohs”
  • Fixed an issue while using the terrain rendering through the “Burnt Offerings” quest


  • Fixed an element that could result in a unique long loading screen after skipping the cinematic during “The Heretic” quest

The Hidden Ones

  • Fixed a difficulty in which the Castra Vetus Villam location is marked as completed upon arrival in Sinai.
  • Fixed a challenge when using the display on the stone circles objective that wouldn’t be shown upon arrival
  • Fixed an issue that may cause a voice line to generally be repeated when respawning from the Sinai region

Discovery Tour

  • Adjusted the TOBII options from the Discovery Tour

Main Game

  • Fixed an issue preventing Claridas from being targeted by the Overpower skill throughout the quest “Old Times”


  • Fixed an issue that could cause you to acquire stuck when defeating an elephant close to the arena entrance


  • Fixed a concern preventing the sum of progression statistic to get to 100%
  • Fixed an element that could prevent the ‘Almost there’ achievement/trophy from unlocking
  • Fixed an issue where enemy NPCs would type in the combat state with the playable character without the provocation after you have completed the “Twiddling with Fire” quest
  • Fixed a worry when the Hou Yi’s Bow could have the moment charging ability applied but not Poison on Hit
  • Fixed a worry with all the “Celestial Raiment” & “Eternal Vigil” which may quit obtained inside the Heka Chests
  • Fixed a challenge with the “Reporter” achievement/trophy that wouldn’t unlock as intended after completing its objective

User Interface

  • Fixed an element that would force the user to hold back for the audio pack download to finish an internet to remain a savegame devoid of all the add-ons installed
  • Corrected some typos inside the game


  • Fixed a texture issue that might occur when okay Bayek after using Senu while in the “Lights On the list of Dunes” quest objective
  • Fixed an issue where player gets stuck on a chariot when approaching the reason for the “Lights Among the Dunes” quest

Graphics &?Audio

  • Fixed a challenge when the voice line “Will Siwa never know peace” has repeated various times
  • Fixed an element that could keep the quests “His Secret Service” and “Shadows of Apollo” from completing
  • Fixed a worry when the “Escort Anta” objective couldn’t be completed while in the “What’s Yours Is Mine” quest
  • Fixed a challenge the spot that the cinematic would play interior of the whiteroom (loading screen) when fast traveling once eliminating Flavius
  • Fixed a dilemma when the objective wouldn’t update when eliminating Bandits with stealthy approach while in the “Forging Siwa” quest


  • Improved the performance and stability within the game application
  • Fixed a limiteless loading issue when fast visiting any viewpoint after confirming the excretion of the Crocodile.
  • Fixed a challenge with the initial whiteroom when the game is currently being installed
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