Batman: Arkham VR Review

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Many in the launch games accessible for Sony’s PlayStation VR system are shorter experiences, meant to showcase precisely what is possible in virtual reality. Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham VR is amongst the best launch game for showing off to friends how powerful storytelling may be in virtual reality. Portion of the reason why the principle Arkham series special were great writing and voice performances and this?virtual reality spin-off targets these aspects absolutely immerse you in Batman’s world.

The opening moment places yourself the top of GCPD headquarters as Batman looks covering the city. Regarded as impressive sight in VR, with all the bustling city beneath you as?the neon lights of Gotham light the evening sky. Overlooking the skyline in the iconic city, waiting around for the history to activate, is probably the best single moments I’ve had using PlayStation VR. The tale quickly begins as you’re just as before shown the famous Bruce Wayne origin story, albeit from your very unique perspective. Then, back in the present, Alfred notifys you that Nightwing and Robin would not report in the previous night and Batman heads seem to search them out.

As you’d expect, Rocksteady tells an awesome detective story that keeps you guessing and sees the return of some the series’ wonderful characters. Coming in person when using the giant Killer-Croc or maybe the stumpy Penguin is thrilling and initially terrifying. The characters feel a lot more menacing than ever before should they be fully?sized but not available to the?confines of?your television screen. They seem like they can within the real-world and move naturally makes Arkham VR much more immersive.

The game isn’t everything characters, though, because it also boasts a fleshed out and much more involved form of the detective mode primarily games. You may keep moving around the vicinity, picking the angle that’s excellent for analyzing bodies or components of the surroundings. Batman’s gadgets, limited here to Batarangs, Grapple Gun, and Forensic Scanner, are incorporated well. Unclip them through your belt and apply them in the investigations, revealing more information on the mystery facing the caped crusader.

The problem though can it be is perhaps all over so quickly. The history doesn’t last ever again than 1 hour and, aside from full replays, the federal government a reason an extra chance. There are several Riddler challenges that unlock in the story after one play-through but, besides trophies, there isn’t a reward for solving these. Since, in comparison to other PSVR launch games, Arkham VR is detailed, it is understandable so it couldn’t be much longer, but a number of scenes would flesh out of the story and present the characters room to breathe.

The set-up and calibration in Arkham VR also proved problematic. Each tine you start inside the game, it is necessary to reach an extremely specific location in the front?of the camera in your move controllers and headset being a certain distance away from everything. You certainly will be trying the location of your respective camera, in addition to where you’re sitting or standing, prior to in to the game. I would recommend standing when playing Arkham VR because it makes all the set-up incredibly easier and a few in-game items are usually too low to arrive at should you be resting.

Ultimately, if you ever don’t mind buying what is only sixty minutes of gameplay to experience the excellent story and compelling characters?of Rocksteady’s Arkham games, except this period in virtual reality, then Arkham VR will probably be best for along with for displaying your new kit to close friends.

SCORE: 3.5/5 C Fair


  • Fantastic story and performances not surprisingly.
  • Developed detective mode.
  • Some incredible virtual reality moments.
  • A game to signify relatives and buddies.


  • Far way too short well below sixty minutes.
  • Awkward set-up.
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