Batman: The Enemy Within Uses Photo of Assassinated Russian Diplomat

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Warning: The following post contains imagery which can be disturbing for some readers. ?

Gotham City is actually a dark place, in fact fans can rest assured that the many death and destruction on frequent display in Batman stories are purely fictional. Unfortunately, the hottest episode of Telltale’s Batman: The Enemy Within blurs the road between fiction and real-life tragedy.

It seems cost-free episode of Batman: The Enemy Within, entitled “The Pact,” contains a real-life picture of assassinated Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov. The photo is glimpsed as Bruce Wayne reviews surveillance camera installation footage of an break-in perpetrated by Harley Quinn. A male is shown laying on the floor within a emptied bank vault, but he’s not a painting or 3D model. Twitter user BroTeamPill was the first person to realize the spot that the image actually came from-


– Bro Team Pill (@BroTeamPill) October 5, 2017

Andrei Karlov was Russia’s ambassador to Turkey until he was unexpectedly shot and killed by using a rogue Turkish police man while attending a form of art exhibition. The violent incident was captured survive camera and widely reported on all over the world. Actually, the look that Telltale lifted was originating from a set that took home top honors in the 2017 World Press Photo contest.

Was Telltale attempting to make getting some statement by including a photo of Karlov inside their game? Almost certainly not. More probable, an overworked developer typed “assassination” or “body” into Google image search, and grabbed the very first thing suited their purpose without researching further. Unfortunately for the children, they chose just about the most infamous images of history year.

Telltale has yet to respond to concerns their use of the image.

Batman: The Enemy Within kicked off earlier this summer, and pits Batman against reimagined versions from the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Bane, together with other villains. The episodic series can be acquired on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and mobile platforms.

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