Berserk as well as the Couple of the Hawk Review

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Berserk and also the Selection of the Hawk on PS4

Berserk has not been a sequence with the average person. Because darkest desires of the hearts of person and demon come out to play, the manga and anime weave a violent tale through mature themes and seemingly endless gore. Traversing to a person eviscerated while they explode in to a mist of blood and sinew is really as known as some cute character saying their catchphrase some other anime. But Berserk is definitely about not only filling the screen with so much blood as you can to become the best violent offering around. That’s something Omega Force has tried to capture making use of their newest musou-style game, Berserk and also the Range of the Hawk.

Berserk along with the Gang of the Hawk puts players predominantly into the shoes of Guts, a well-known mercenary who finds himself within the organized group in my ballet shoes and seeks desperation of normalcy and camaraderie. Unlike numerous Omega Force’s games, you’re almost exclusively locked into Guts just like you explore his transition from wandering warrior, to respected leader, to vengeful hunter within the game’s main story. At the outset, it appears as if a strange replacement for enjoy the entire game centered on merely one hero, nonetheless it can mean the mission structure as well as balance in this game’s pacing.

There’s painstaking begin to Berserk additionally, the Category of the Hawk. When you first start the action, you’re treated towards a tutorial that sends countless enemies towards you limited to the theifs to be cut down with ease. It’s a glimpse in to the power that you’ll gain much later on, but it’s a taste that hooks you with intrigue. Right after that short mission, you’re thrust into your start of Berserk’s story, as Guts completes yet another battle for an additional nation all to get a dose of coin. The pace, power, and fanfare of the tutorial have passed away and you’re begining with scratch being a youngster by having an impossibly large sword.

It’s a bit jarring to begin with, going from absolute ability to painstaking moving behemoth, yet it perfectly captures the start of the manga that fans read oh numerous years back. Combat is slow, nonetheless it never feels out of place in Omega Force’s line of games. You can find countless enemies on the screen, that burst into vibrant spurts of blood as your sword cuts and crushes everything in its way. There’s a powerful feeling of purpose in each swing,?and Guts’ deficit of speed lets you really examine the battlefield, seeing the endless string of monsters (both human and otherwise) while they pour in your direction, seeking simply to slice you down.

I will admit that during those moments in Berserk additionally, the Gang of the Hawk where I used to be completely surrounded, I felt like I have been while in the grand battles within the anime. The chances seemed impossible, but nothing could escape Guts’ blade. However, it was also during these moments where I spotted how entirely safe the adventure was, knowning that was certainly?an urgent letdown

As Mentioned before, Berserk ‘s no series for any average person. If hyper-violence isn’t look, or maybe you possess a strong aversion to demonic enemies, sexually explicit imagery, and torture, it’s no easy aspect to watch. However,?it’s those elements that made it is likely that a musou-style game emerge this darkly beautiful universe so tantalizing. Well, perhaps not much the sexually explicit imagery, but definitely everything else that revolves around murdering droves of evil within the most violent ways possible. But the gameplay, which carries the pacing and goal of Guts perfectly, never really gets through the nature of the series as one.

Sure there’s blood and violence, nevertheless it never feels like anything as extreme as a specific inside series the sport is dependent on. The truth is, last year’s Attack on Titan, also from Omega Force, did a much better job of translating the non plus ultra situations on the watch’s screen to the gaming experience. Checking out both anime translations on the same developer helps make the loss of Berserk’s real soul truly get noticed. What makes it far more apparent are definitely the game’s shining stars, the tale and characters.

As you play over the game you’re treated to scenes before, during, and after missions. These include a mix of clips from?the anime and films, along with some original in-game cutscenes. During short clips, you will observe everyone around you that fans were clamoring for amongst people. It’s loaded with hatred and ugliness as greed, vanity, lust, and much more control the hearts of people. The misguided masses fall victim to the twisted minds that contribute them, additionally, the scent of death fills the actual environment. The characters that inhabit that twisted world – this guitar rock band on the Hawk, the land leaders, the Holy Iron Chain Knights, the demon kings – all be able to revel in the spotlight. Being reintroduced to Serpico, witnessing the internal struggles of the likes of Casca and Lady Farnesse, or being charmed all over again by Griffith are highlights to Berserk as well as Class of the Hawk’s overall experience. Unfortunately, transitioning from a wonderful scene giving you every reason to remain interested in the upcoming battle is met having a re-skinned, basic musou game.

Berserk as well as the Range of the Hawk is experiencing?a number of subtleties in the process. The framerate can stagger greatly in case there are a lot of effects happening immediately, and also the camera, a known offender in several video games, might be your worst enemy now and then, especially during large boss fights. Regarding the boss fights, they don’t hold the intrigue that you’d expect, and a lot of seem quite cheap. You’ll often find yourself simply pinned right wall since you stare into the nether regions of some large, disgusting beast. There isn’t much finesse required by these situations, even if using characters who’re built very differently from Guts.

The playable character variety is one of the strengths of Berserk along with the Category of the Hawk. There aren’t many unlockable heroes, and never even most of them are good guys, nonetheless they each feel surprisingly unique. That makes it sense that you have a great deal more choices the outfits you may unlock and equip to each one. These change attacks and abilities, often times turning it into believe that you’re playing a fully new character. Maybe you wouldn’t choose to play over the story missions again after beating it, nevertheless you have many reason make use of characters except for Guts after beating the sport because of the Endless Eclipse, a mode which you could delve deeper into an infinite realm just like you complete challenges and unlock rewards. It’s intriguing and does provide a battle that should’ve held it’s place in the main story, but it really still doesn’t modify the overall feel within the game. And also, however, produce an endless challenge that tests the i did enjoy.

Overall, Berserk plus the Couple of the Hawk shows the rich story that fans with the manga and anime will unquestionably appreciate. Unfortunately, the perception of the gameplay itself captures the initial nature of each character, but never seems like it shares precisely the same soul because the series it’s depending on. It’s a waste, because we’ve seen the developers just do that before, this was another chance to bring a beloved series truly alive. Still, if you’re keen on Berserk, you will probably find passing over this notice a tough endeavor. The manga is finally noticed that you have progress, albeit slowly, and the story here certainly fills that void because grand plot prepares for their next phase. If you’re merely wanting for any musou game to test out, though, one can find better options these days.

Score: 2.5/5 – Poor


  • Guts is usually as brutal and powerful whilst you could expect.
  • The available playable characters, though few, provide a healthy dose of variety.
  • Reliving the story is actually a joy.
  • Berserk plus the Category of the Hawk looks beautiful.


  • The game feels too safe and generic from time to time.
  • Can become very repetitive for everyone a novice to musou games.
  • Many boss fights are cheap and poorly designed.
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