Cities: Skylines – Disasters Review

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Cities: Skylines – Natural Disasters on PC

Cities: Skylines released to critical acclaim after a time when players were itching to the SimCity times of yore. However, longtime city building fans might have felt a chance to cause some destruction was missing in the base game. Indeed, goodness complexes weren’t quite satiated as yet. Disasters, the most recent Cities: Skylines’ latest expansion, gives players the capability to prepare for incoming disasters, and even cause them.

Your cities, for those who set natural disaster setting on, is usually suffering from tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, forest fires, sinkholes, thunderstorms, collapses, fires, and meteor strikes at a moment’s notice. You’ll have to plan well, using new buildings which will help maintain the citizens safe with Helicopter Response Units, Disaster Response Units, Emergency Shelters, Radio Masts, Earthquake Senors, Tsunami Buoys, and Radars.

It’s clear that Natural Disasters is constucted from challenge in your mind, and incredibly much an expansion that fans are already awaiting since the beginning. Is everything going peachy to suit your needs? Well, a tornado could swoop through and ruin a large number of locations with your city. The destruction left behind each one of these disasters helps to ensure that it’s not something could take lightly, despite the fact that there are preventative measures you possibly can take, each event are going to be pretty devastating. Aside from that, though the scenarios applied aren’t so very easy to complete and often will consume a lot of your energy and time. (Thus ensuring moreover, you may won’t obtain the unlockable Unique?Buildings too easily, either.)

Natural Disasters concerns breathing more life into Cities: Skylines, after Snowfall after Dark, it’s considerably more welcome. A specific sign, really, that Colossal Order understands players at that point are searching for alternative ideas to rent?with all the game. It’s lasted for more than a year for many of us, but each expansion that introduces some truly the latest features and helps increase its longevity is a great one in your book.

Could there were more added, though? Absolutely. While there are actually disasters that increase difficulty and gives some neat something mroe challenging to do, if you’re not actively addressing them, you are genuinely feeling like you’re just playing the base game. It’s only sometimes that this expansion will clearly come up. Inside my unique Rental destruction scenario playthrough, one example is, I maybe treated three tornadoes as well as a sinkhole while in the period of about 15 hours. The delicate process of my time, it honestly felt like no expansion was installed, i was building many of the preparation buildings?absolutely free notably.

All to all, if you’re an enormous fan of Cities: Skylines, this?expansion is a it is best to no less than enhance your radar. It improves the, introduces some pretty long, unique scenarios, and helps you to feel like a malevolent god having the ability to just drop a meteor right on the town center, when you wished to.

Score: 4/5 – Great


  • The rental destruction are absolutely beautiful within their destructive glory.
  • A pretty range of disasters, ensuring it doesn’t get too boring prematurely.
  • New scenarios will take you awhile to perform, and difficulty have been ramped in general.



  • Will honestly not matter for any vast majority of that time you take part in the game.
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