Dead Space 2 Dev Explains Why the Acclaimed Game Would be a Letdown

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Yesterday’s news that EA is closing Visceral Games was certainly disappointing, but perhaps not entirely shocking. Through the years the studio gained automobile for creating ambitious, critically acclaimed titles that ultimately fell short inside the sales department. But games like Dead Space and Battlefield Hardline moved millions of copies! From another perspective, it’s not easy to understand why these games were considered disappointments.

Well, former Visceral designer Zach Wilson recently popularized Twitter to shed a lot more light on the studio’s troubles. Wilson, who had previously been with Visceral within the growth and development of Dead Space 2, says several factors contributed to the beloved horror title being branded a letdown-

Dead Space 2 cost 60 Million dollars to generate and they were merciless with regards to their budget. they solely sold 4 mil and the wasn’t enough

– Zach Wilson (@covernode) October 17, 2017

cause you gotta spend 60 million dollars marketing it and you simply take a huge hit from MS and retailers taking their cut

– Zach Wilson (@covernode) October 17, 2017

I are not aware of if this turned an income. But it underperformed, and meeting expectations are as important

– Zach Wilson (@covernode) October 17, 2017

this also in addition cause you’re seeing every pub make their very own digital marketplace. does one hate uplay? Well, the pub gets 90% within the $$$

– Zach Wilson (@covernode) October 18, 2017

It’s an appealing perspective

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