Destiny 2's Community Comes to an end in Arms Against The Loss of Grind, But Bungie Could possibly have A Solution

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Destiny 2 has been out for a little over a month on consoles, meaning that most players are delving on the endgame.

While early impressions to the overall game have already been very positive, when you stop by community hotspots such as r/destinythegame you’ll now see a veritable plethora of complaints. The main topics contention will be the lack of character progression or grind, quite ironic if you think that usually, we’ll learn about players complaining about?an excessive amount grind in games.

Yesterday’s ‘This Week At Bungie’ post, where developers announced the return of the Iron Banner PvP event along with the Prestige Raid for PvE, was probably the last straw.

That’s because doing so was confirmed there won’t be any actual rewards to character progression to be found in this Prestige Raid. Now, the community is literally in arms since apparently is very little great reason to experiment with the sport anymore to succeed characters. Some tips about what Reddit user Toland27 needed to say in what’s the fourth most upvoted post during the channel.

Players that browse this subreddit are some of or even the most dedicated players you’ll ever get in your game. We’re the players that buy DLC your second it’s announced, we are the player that preordered the action the minute we might, we are the players that defending you steaming pile of crap game for an entire year before you decide to made any major improvements on it.
When people took jabs at Destiny, saying “who still plays that game anymore?”, we had arrived and the ones still playing. I was the gamers who grinded strike after strike, raid after raid, trials match after trials match for the reason that one facts you guys really ended up getting right was the grind. When it was chasing Light Level, a wonderfully rolled hand cannon, or possibly a rare raid drop, the grind kept us playing and kept your player base from dropping to nothing.
Now, after weeks of anticipation objective could be an increased raid experience plus a fresh accept Iron Banner, you’ve surprised you again.
Iron Banner isn’t a lot more than quick enjoy new armor. You cannot find any reference to IB weapons, that makes sense considering Bungie has shown over and over that any of us ought not expect everything from them.
The prestige raid will never provide a light increase, it’ll be minimally tougher concerning mechanic (yay more sponges! /s), and will not offer players any incentive to operate after you have their emblem. It is not acceptable. Too much has become cut through the core destiny experience to merely allow this to stay.
Whatever became of becoming a legend? Many players already are 300-305, have you been telling us that we’ve done all there exists? There’s no more grind until presumably December? Right now not too long ago, WotM hard mode just being released but it granted players an new experience. New mechanics, a new max light to grind for, and new loot to look for.
I don’t know that which you to be a player base should or even just can achieve. We don’t make-up plenty of the revenue that Bungie makes off farmville and all of us previously given them our money. However, if it does take weeks or even months of not playing Destiny 2 to signify Bungie that we’re pissed, it can be of great benefit.
It may not be like there’s anything fun to complete in-game anyways, I wouldn’t think I’d get left behind if the boycott was enacted.

Another highly upvoted post by user?pheldegression?added that several Destiny 2 players are actually moving onto other games.

I was on last night, getting my milestones done on my second of three characters. I looked over friends and neighbors list, and although I’d ten friends online, do not require were playing Destiny 2. I checked my clan, and simply three citizens were on. Amongst my buddies who plays video games on a regular basis was not within the game in on the week because “I can not be bothered. Concerning nothing left to perform.” Men and women are time for their old games, like GTA 5, Siege, Fifa. The friend I mentioned above is playing the Division over the game. My issue isn’t that people weren’t on, I receive that others have lives and obligations. My dilemma is that they are on, and difficult to do wished you could be bothered on this game. Depressing.

That said, Bungie might curently have a fix with their pockets for the endgame: Seasons. Another hint therefore was dropped in yesterday’s text, as you possibly can read below.


*There is word again:?Season. There is a mention of seasons any time you inspect your Clan. Now, we’re preaching about it within the blog. What does the whole thing mean?

Panel Discussion: The times of year of?Destiny.
Friday, October 20, 4:30PM Pacific
CoolCat Theater + CoolCat Channel

What do Seasons mean in?Destiny?2?
After that vary from season to season?
The quantity of seasons can we expect?
When does Season Two begin?

We’ll be answering that question, and many more want it, at TwitchCon.

On a state TwitchCon website, we found much more information on this panel that may apparently focus precisely about how Bungie promises to retain the community involved in Destiny 2.

Destiny has established itself for a game of action-packed rituals and special events. With Destiny 2, the building team at Bungie includes a goal would be to maintain your community of Guardians engaged from year to year with new top reasons to play. Join DeeJ from Bungie for just a discussion with Designers on the Live Team who will be centered on sustaining this new adventure.

Seasons were successfully implemented in games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. Will Bungie be able to make them appealing enough to increase the endgame and revert the community’s unrest? We’ll know more during TwitchCon by two weeks.

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