Dynasty Warriors Godseekers Review

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Dynasty Warriors Godseekers on PlayStation 4

With my forces surrounded from all of the sides by enemy combatants, I ran across myself ensnared within the enemy’s ambush. With my objective now changed from secure the castle to operate for my life, this surprise move by my opponents trained me a significant lesson about how precisely unpredictable battle happens to be. That is Dynasty Warriors Godseekers, a tactical turn-based game that’s a notable number of surprises up its sleeve. Without the need of an ideal game, there’s enough depth and nuance to help keep strategy fans occupied.

The big change in Dynasty Warrior Godseekers is?the noticeable?shift in both genre and perspective depending upon how the action is viewed. In lieu of like a third person hack n’ slash title like the majority of other games during the series, developer Omega Force has raised your camera a great overhead view, and selected a tactical?turn-based style. The video game still embraces its roots though. You’re gonna slaughter?hordes of enemies which includes a single attack additionally, the story still weaves coupled with real life events.

One of the extremely surprising areas of?Dynasty Warriors Godseekers may be the story which is far more coherent exciting than previous entries. In place of simply offering players the cabability to experience real world battles, Omega Force smartly leans?into the too much antics that contain always been portion of this franchise. The story follows childhood friends?Zhao Yun and Lei Bin who accidentally free a mystical being called Li Xia after the scuffle with local rebels. While her purpose stays intentionally?unclear to begin with, each of the men soon see that numerous magical orbs were scattered all throughout China. These powerful objects are able to cause incredible devastation, thus Li Xia has tasked the duo with retrieving them before they fall into a different hands.

By working with a central narrative and characters,?Dynasty Warriors?Godseekers?has a feeling of urgency to both its combat and campaign missions. The mystical powers work while using various insane moves they are able to perform in combat and it also helps justify why five heroes will take out entire battalions of units. Yet, you can a pleasurable mixture of real politics between your various factions you’ll encounter that lends more depth to every single of your ten chapters. Every leader has their weaknesses and strengths, with a lot of of those having complex relationships between each other. They’re in?this war on their own and watching the lengths they’ll go to achieve their motives is pretty fascinating.

Dynasty Warriors?Godseekers boasts an extraordinary number of story and side missions for players to accomplish on their your whole Ancient China. Normally it takes over 40 hours to end the primary campaign, not to complete the many alternative battle scenarios that each region offers. These missions have a surprising quantity of variety in their mind, with many levels requiring anyone to defend a besieged castle for 15 turns while another tasks the ball player to escort a person to a reliable zone.

The mission variety is enhanced through the game’s massive roster of characters that players can select from it is usually into combat, each utilizing their own unique weapon and fighting style that captures that hero’s personality perfectly. Chen Gong, a cunning military strategist, has a move set that is made of him contacting different kinds of soldiers to combat for him. Players may have as many as five units inside of a party and you are also not necessary to have the main heroes present when completing side objectives.

These hero-officers can be extremely powerful and players ought to have tried them strategically. They are able to attack many times per turn colliding with multiple enemy unit each time. You can even exploit position (a strategy RPG staple), and obtain damage bonus?if you want to either attack an attacker within the side or on the rear. Same goes with the enemy though so be against your toes defensively too.?However, the strongest ability that players can utilize is named the Synchro Attack that permits players, after killing a set fee?of enemies, to effectively take a supplementary turn and unleash a flurry of powerful moves.

The officers you make use of throughout the actual campaign are fairly pre-determined, which may cause some annoying moments merely because are forever slightly under-leveled for any current mission. In an effort to enable them to flourish in a specialized chapter you’re encouraged to level them and spend precious resources to be certain their survival. The problem is these characters won’t be officially unlocked to get used until after that specific chapter is completed. Meaning, you possibly can dump numerous gold into upgrading their gear only to ask them to vanish through the roster. While I’m all to your game wanting players to realize different characters, it doesn’t warn you in a?capacity that you simply useful money and buy a new regular-use officers instead.

Adding to the next frustration is?that this friendly A.I. for?Dynasty Warriors Godseekers is not really particularly helpful which enable it to sometimes cost your whole battle. The majority of the friendly A.I. units can deal a fair measure of damage, however usually find yourself charging recklessly within the enemy with little regard with regards to own safety. Provided that numerous main campaign levels can finish if the specific character is killed, this can generate a great deal of headaches while it forces you to babysit them when playing. A single memorable moment, I had to escort one through hostile territory, merely to make sure he can do not move and continue to take on three enemy officers at once. He was killed quickly, which forced me to replay the Twenty minutes I have just spent wanting to finish that?specific level.

Outside of combat, units is usually upgraded by having a massive skill tree which offers a number of different passive bonuses for example receiving 10% of this health at the beginning of each turn or having 30% extra Critical Hit damage. Players can only equip three primary skills at a moment, that will force players to synergize their parties abilities to match each other. Items and rare weapons can be obtained, upgraded, or acquired using the Merchant or after finishing a mission. While new weapons can often come to a somewhat slow rate,?Dynasty Warriors?Godseekers overall experienced a nice sense of progression on it that always felt rewarding.

Yet the most important issues with?Dynasty Warriors Godseekers actually comes from the actual way it looks, because game boasts some below impressive graphics. Although cutscenes respectable, a in-game graphics are sub-par at best with character models and environments lacking any real detail. Flyfishing reel that i with the animations too, with lots of in the moves looking janky without having any fluidity to combining multiple attacks. The special move “Giant’s Throw” by Zhang Fei will sometimes truly animate properly, creating the character to spin inside a circle wildly while holding nothing. It breaks the immersion?as well as being an incredibly noticeable flaw.

If you possibly can go beyond these complaints though there is much fun to be had within this strategy game. Even with some wonky A.I. and lacking a coat of polish, the instant to moment gameplay is engaging. Partly as a result of massive roster of officers out there, even so the wonderful selection of missions accessible to players. As the genre switch?may not attract all Dynasty Warriors fans, the soul products has?made the franchise so memorable is there.

Score: 3.5/5 – Fair


  • Engaging story and characters.
  • Large roster of heroes.
  • Good mission variety.
  • Easy to experience, challenging to master mechanics.


  • Poor A.I.
  • Forced use campaign heroes are frustrating to figure around.
  • Bland visuals.
  • Wonky, sometimes due to sync in-game animations.
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