F1 2017 Updates Car Liveries, Adds LAN Mode, Photo Mode and a lot more

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Codemasters announced that Patch 1.9 is going mobile phone . F1 2017, delivering the much-awaited update?to car liveries and gratification levels to get them in keeping with this season.

There’s additional to Patch 1.9, though, because the developers have added a photograph Mode to consoles, a LAN Mode on PC and PlayStation 4 and a new Spectator UI. There’s also a new Grid editor to be found in custom multiplayer modes.

Here’s a far more detailed overview in the developers.

The update also brings balance heralded Photo Mode to consoles somebody in charge of giving players the opportunity to create, save and share incredible action shots from the inside the action. Many enhanced Esports-related features are also included, the most known ones is a new spectator mode which adds “TV-style” broadcast element about the left side of the screen. You can now showcase the prevailing running order as well as other sorts of statistics, including:
@ Gap towards race leader
@ Gap towards car ahead or behind
@ Positions lost or gained
@ Fastest lap times
@ Current tyre compound
@ From the pits
@ Quantity of pit stops

As a spectator, you can undoubtedly capable of control what information is shown. Additionally you can see live timing for that car you happen to be watching, fastest laps, along with sector specific yellow flags. If you don’t be interested in some of this review being a spectator, though, it is also possible to disable this as you please.

Chris reviewed F1 2017 a few months ago and was very in awe of Codemasters’ latest entry from the franchise.

F1 2017 is the better in the series and arguably one of Codemasters best titles. One or two minor flaws slightly blemish exactly what is a brilliant game, which looks, sounds and feels fantastic to experiment with. Furthermore, a more extensive career mode which has a host of other modes provides the game great variety and longevity.

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