Final Fantasy XV June Update Means that you can Explore Eos Off-Road together with the Regalia

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Final Fantasy XV has an enormous world for players to dive straight into and find busy with, yet this same massiveness may also become tiresome as time passes. That is why, Square Enix is rolling out various updates and further content to keep players engaged. Pursuing the major “Episode Gladiolus” and Chapter 13, Verse 2 update, they may have announced the revolutionary features coming later this month.

According to Games Talk (via Gematsu), the ultimate Fantasy XV June update will include the highly-anticipated “Regalia Type-D” machine. Players will now hold the possiblity to explore more areas of Eos because they can now traverse off of the main road. Similarly, you possibly can make the passenger truck jump for reasons unknown that should give players with additional control during expeditions.

In line using this type of, Square Enix also announced which the “Episode Prompto” downloadable content are going to be available this month. Naoshi Mizuta will likely be composing the theme with the upcoming DLC. You’ll also have new “Cup Noodle Star” collaboration equipment that may arrive at the end with the June.

Final Fantasy XV launched the government financial aid November 2016 and Square Enix has still been delivering new prepared to the sport. They will not be stopping because they have got plans of including more features and DLC anytime soon.


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