Go back to Ivalice Using the Latest Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Trailer

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Final Fantasy XII will be reborn by means of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, an updated HD port of your PlayStation 2 original that’s landing on PlayStation 4 on July 1. A divisive Final Fantasy anyway you slice it, the plot of political intrigue, warring empires, and memorable characters is merely awaiting players new and old with the idea to come back to the land of Ivalice or set about a journey there the very first time.

The latest Zodiac Age story trailer has an overview for players to perform exactly that, giving tidbits on which type of events will transpire in-game along with shining a light on characters like Princess Ashe and Vaan and fateful meeting.

If you’ve never played Final Fantasy XII, there’s much to be anxious about for this port, especially since it’s depending on the Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System version that originally released in Japan in 2007. Besides various new game modes, the most crucial addition is definitely the new position system — just what Japanese version’s title identifies. There were many changes, actually.

This massive change offers a path for players to diversify their party members even more than ever before. You’ll be ready to allow them to have specific jobs just as during the the past of Final Fantasy, along with this are going to be immediately, immensely regret having ever enjoyed the license board system in the original sort of the video game.

Check out the trailer below and have hyped to get a rekindling of Final Fantasy XII love, or if perhaps you’re not used to the adventure, love to start with sight. Just don’t be surprised if it walks you a bit so you can get past Vaan. He will be considered a little much at times.


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