Halo Wars 2 Getting XB1/PC Crossplay and Xbox One X Enhancements

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343 Industries announced that Halo Wars 2 will soon enable Crossplay between Windows 10 PC and Xbox One players.

Fear not, though, since the main ranked playlists won’t feature Crossplay. Here’s the introduction to what’s coming, including Xbox One X visual enhancements because of hit Microsoft’s upcoming console.

We’ve highlighted Xbox Arena before, so astute Halo Wars 2 players without a doubt already knew that, but during our 10/17 live stream all of us dropped breaking news of one other new feature to arrive our next game update C Crossplay for Xbox and Windows 10 PCs! For Xbox Play Anywhere title, players be capable of enjoy Halo Wars 2 on his or her console or PC, but affliction . which includes not included cross-platform online play. Crossplay is a passion project for the c’s and frankly was something we weren’t sure can be possible incorporate at this stage in the game’s development. The c’s worked as kitchen staff tough to deliver this selection and final testing indicates it’s ready for release within the wild. Crossplay, Arena support, as well as Xbox One X visual enhancements are generally focused on release in late October.

Crossplay is going to be supported for Campaign, Blitz Firefight, Terminus Firefight, Custom Games, and everything UNRANKED Playlists.
Most of the main ranked playlists will remain platform-specific as a fairness and parity
For players nobody want to see how console supports against PC, a whole new playlist called “Ranked 3v3 X War” will probably be added which will support crossplay.

  • Campaign
  • Blitz & Terminus Firefight
  • Custom Games
  • Unranked Playlists: Versus AI, “Team War”, 1V1 Blitz
  • Ranked Playlist: (NEW) “Ranked 3v3 X War”

Halo Wars 2 launched in February 2017. Chris enjoyed the action despite not truly in love with it.

Halo Wars 2 is a perfect strategy game for first timers. There’s little doubting which the action is solid and yes it looks fantastic, but other strange choices mar what may become a great title. From downright bad conntacting the inclusion of pay to win microtransactions inside of a premium game, you will find absolutely perplexing decisions.

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