Hitman Teases a huge Announcement Is Coming In October

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IO Interactive is teasing their starting with regard to Hitman since splitting from Square Enix. This is what the newly-independent studio were forced to say into their hottest article:

Mark this date with your calendars: October 24th. That is the date after we will advise you fresh content for your game. I will allow announcement itself do each of the talking, but there’s one thing we should clarify until then – this upcoming content will not be ‘Season 2.’ We’re nevertheless now to keep expectations in order.

Earlier this holiday season, Square Enix sent shockwaves from the industry by announcing intentions to offload developer IO Interactive additionally, the Hitman franchise. Ultimately, a customer wasn’t found, with IO instead retaining rights for the Hitman series for independent developer. Since parting ways with Square Enix in June, IO continues to update Hitman with new missions and contracts, nonetheless they haven’t added any significant new content. Apparently, that’s getting ready to change.

In accessory the important tease, IO also announced the same old line-up of recent contracts and challenges:

Arriving October 13

  • 10 new Featured Contracts: You create Contracts and we all feature the interesting, clever or creative ones. There is not any perfect formula to describe how you would opt for the contracts, nonetheless they have caught our attention for one reason an additional.
  • Master Scarecrow Challenge Pack: Colorado will be the only location yet to have an added Challenge Pack. That ends this month together with the release of The property owner Scarecrow Challenge Pack. Enjoy 5 new challenges, each that has a large quantity of location mastery; the best way to top out your mastery and collect any remaining unlocks. Completing every one of the challenges will unlock a whole new item for 47 to apply in every locations. We’ll reveal more about this concern Pack as well as new item next week.

Arriving Later in October

  • Our next batch of 10 player-curated Featured Contracts arrives later inside month. These contracts function in the same manner to the Featured Contracts you have arrive at know and love in the game, with one big twist: our players will curate the list.

What are your the thing it the Hitman tease? If it’s not for Season 2, then what would it be? Quantity you like to see combined with the video game?

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