Hyper Sentinel Preview – Bullet Hell Perfected to the Nintendo Switch

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Normally That’s not me an incredible fan of bullet hell shoot ’em ups. I not really know why though. Maybe it’s the chaotic nature how the sub-genre brings for it. It can be the linearity of those. Of course you will find exceptions towards rule. Hyper Sentinel is among one of those exceptions. I got to be able to have a very on the job at EGX 2017 and I thoroughly enjoyed my own time with all the game.

There’s little doubting which the game is actually a throwback to some bygone era. Lovingly created pixel graphics with fantastic animations. Audio that one could swear originated straight from an arcade machine or perhaps the SNES. Naturally the visuals and audio are polished to modern standards, there is however an awareness of detail that adds an air of authenticity towards the game. Better yet could be that the game uses modern hardware towards the best and hits at the very least 60 FPS on all devices.

Developed by Jonathan Port, the only man team that makes up Four5Six Pixel and provided by Huey Games, there’s over the experience that provides connect to days gone by. Huey Games is actually a publisher led by Rob Hewson, his father Andrew Hewson and John Ogden. Andrew Hewson may be termed as a founding father of Hewson Consultants, publishers of titles like Avalon, Stormlord and Onslaught, which had been re-released for iOS plus the Xbox 360 system two full decades later.

But what in the gameplay? This is where Hyper Sentinel really caught my interest. Most shmups maybe you’ve about the same plain, in the years ahead until you hit the boss. Here, it’s different. You’ll find twelve levels, each an arena style area according to a ship you need to destroy. Each level progresses within the same style of way. You destroy the ground (stationary) targets once they’re destroyed, you fight in charge. Also, you’re constantly getting harassed by enemy fighters.

So far, so familiar. Its how a game plays that really stands out. Each level gets progressively harder along the way forward, each getting their own individual bosses. Indeed, in later levels some regular enemies are really much like earlier bosses. Hyper Sentinel also takes advantage of the sector based levels helps you to alternate from laterally and produce by far the most of your map. Utilizing this certainly are a choice of unique weapons and talents useful throughout.

Possibly the best weapon was the dual laser beams. They shredded with the enemy and played well to my usual tactic of blindly rushing, constantly firing and dreaming about the most beneficial. Other pickups granted abilities being a few maces that flew around your ship, smashing apart enemies, shields and naturally boosts for your score multiplier.

Your ship even offers regular abilities that do not arrive from collectibles. Taking from modern games is auto-healing that kicks in after good enough if you don’t take damage. Also are boosters which dramatically grow your speed, helping you to get up to date to some of people pesky pickups that race clear of you. It’s in moving that particular with the more interesting top features of Hyper Sentinel are available, dodging. Whenever you flip to vary direction, which looks great, you’re made temporarily invulnerable. This can be incredibly useful when tight on energy and looking out to auto-regenerate.

Of course these aren’t available throughout the game. Inside twelve stage campaign you’re perfectly fine make use of everything. However, in Horde mode, which simply throws more enemies on your path, there’s certainly no auto-healing. Your only solution to recover is with pickups merely should survive providing you can. Boss Run is definitely the other mode, that’s fairly self-explanatory. You simply go through the levels facing boss after boss.

I enjoyed my time with Hyper Sentinel and playing it to the Nintendo Switch was never been easier to carry out. Indeed, inside the time I used to be playing it, I got through about 4 within the twelve levels before possessing a carry on horde mode. This became the best fun I had, literally managing to last not less than two minutes greater than I will because got shield after shield pickup which been able to keep me alive with hardly any health.

In the era of purchase and play games, Hyper Sentinel sticks out as among the better I’ve had the danger of playing. If it is grabbed your interest, and it also rightfully should, then here’s the Nintendo Switch trailer. Hyper Sentinel shall be released via my pc, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch early next year

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