Interview with Rebellion's Robbie Cooke on Strange Brigade

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The other week at EGX 2017 I became lucky enough to get catch up with Rebellion’s Head of advertising Robbie Cooke, and sat down to me for a chat about Rebellion’s latest game; Strange Brigade.

We wrote a giant preview upon which we considered Strange Brigade here, except for more insight over the expansion of the experience and Rebellion’s future plans, usually take a look at our interview with the man himself below.

I didn’t know anything about Strange Brigade but it was super interesting, I didnrrrt actually know anything about it before I came here. Firstly , struck me about this is definitely the retro vibe, do you speak with me with regards to the setting and era?

It’s quite an interesting era, it’s mounted in the 1930s it’s the same actually pre-World War II also it attempts to capture the media of that time period that is naive in lots of ways, and all sorts of about adventuring and good vs. evil, talk of these strange continents men and women hadn’t been in before. But in addition we aim to poke fun for the colonial attitude when, and poke fun in the British assumption that we’re the best at everything, and also have a nice combined characters from all over the earth at the same time.

I really liked the amalgamation of characters and influences, but that stretches towards enemies too. I had been fighting some sort of- Zombie Egyptian things?

The story is usually that you’re fighting a Witch Queen who’s come back in the dead; could possibly huge amount of Egyptian history that is wiped from the hieroglyphs, and it’s as many as your team to transmit her minions time for their shallow, sandy graves. We have now a mix of enemies, we still have the Zombie-esque husk enemies, really clean also proper Mummies, a good amount of bandages, and we’ll incorporate some much bigger mythical beasties.

I saw Anubis tower over me, he looks very intimidating. When struggling with massive enemies that way, will the gameplay stay the same or can it change when fighting bosses? Will any of us see environmental traps, etc.?

We’re still early on in boost in numerous ways; we’ve our environments and we’ve organized the enemies that many of us want, playing with relation to mixing on the gameplay, we wish to maintain it to remain as varied as you possibly can in relation to the higher quality , enemies. We’re finding methods to create them terrifying, but will also fun to consider. You saw Anubis within our teaser trailer, but we’ll furthermore have a Minotaur-esque enemy. There will be a lot of tactics, plus in an organization of four years old, it will probably be a lot of fun.

I’m guessing there will be online co-op, but any probability of local co-op?

No local co-op, no. But it surely is going to be online, and you’ll have fun with the entire game yourself, or maybe in four player co-op online. Natural meats include extra modes, but for the current stage we’re aimed at the narrative and also the campaign, but were looking to expand the sport further.

Will there certainly be a number of environments inside final game?

It’ll be very varied, in general the adventure is about in North Africa across several different states which in fact have different names during 30s

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