Life’s more Strange: Prior to Storm Introduces Players With a Younger Chloe Price

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A new Our life is Strange story was revealed with the Xbox E3 conference that?requires place prior to era of the very first game. Every day life is Strange: Prior to a Storm is arriving later this year.

The trailer usually advise that it’s going to concentrate on Chloe and may consentrate on her lifetime prior to events that unfold in the original Life’s more Strange. It doesn’t say exactly if this requires place but Chloe looks significantly younger and doesn’t have her signature blue hair. Perhaps this is prior to the teen angst welled up inside of her.

The prequel might be handled by Deck Nine Games as an alternative to Dontnod on this occasion, and it’ll?be made up of three episodes, instead of five much like the original series, the primary of which will be available on August 31. You can view a completely new trailer for Life Is Strange: Until the Storm below.

Episode One among The world is Strange: Ahead of the Storm might be seen on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on August 31.

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