Maize Review – As Absurd as Sentient Corn Must be

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Every from time to time, a game title happens away from nowhere which is just inherently strange. An absurd little project providing you with a breath of outdoors amidst the AAA fog.

Maize is developed beyond Toronto, Canada with a small selection of of veteran developers turned indie based on the url of Finish Line Games. Should check out?the game’s website, principle gist you’d get is always that it’s videos game about sentient corn. The Steam page further opts to let you know that is a least ridiculous benefit of the video game. And it’s right.

The ambiguity leading into my playthrough left me feeling rather freaked out. The instant you hit ‘New Game,’ Maize drops you into an agoraphobia-inducing corn field. There’s no music beyond ambient tones and the creaking connected with an old barn. No comforting voices, no notation of a typical life you meet. I’m not the most significant fan of horror games so at first, I tentatively crept around, finding items to buy and store.?The sport functions simular to a journey game in this sense, but from your first-person perspective.

The visual style will be the initial thing of note, in the it’s breathtaking, but sometimes drops the ball.?When you’re running around holding a service, the overall game blurs it during motion, which makes it look quite ugly. The core textures and environments in-game are seriously diverse, though, and consist of a lots of detail.

During your time and efforts with Maize, you will check out a range of areas that I’m choosing don’t spoil in the interests of the game’s story, however understand that the developers hit the marked per locale. Whether it’s a dank sewer or maybe a stuffy office covered in paperwork, they presume distinctly energetic, and they are watch to educate yourself regarding. It’s a genuine evidence of the performers for injecting a lot detail and life into Maize. There are numerous art-styles present that may require a great number of talent, and I was very impressed while using the character models and also the random set-dressing, mainly the paintings and non-essential items.?

You’ll spend most of your time checking the environment to get items and solve problems the strain the game’s story. Maize is thus fun at its core if you’re into similar games of the genre, but can’t decide if it would like to be patronizingly easy or overly difficult. To present you an example, at a few points you can stumble upon the silhouette of the item you have to find until the game has led that you said item, in order that it becomes more of your scavenger hunt than just a good puzzle.

Further, some items which you decide up when examined as part of your inventory outright explain to you what is anxiety the predicament that you’re trying to solve, at a few points being so self-aware to inform you that “maybe this might ease that x over in the x.” I have that the fourth wall breaking is part and parcel of your game’s make an effort to be funny, and delay in that regard. But I’d acquire more fun exploring Maize’s lush environments if I wasn’t having my hand held anytime I inspected whatever i purchased.

Other times you’re left without getting a paddle, searching and clicking everything just like a headless chicken, without methods to obtain a much-needed hint. On the whole, I wasn’t stuck for days, however i think a touch system will have helped steer clear of the two?extremes that may be Maize’s difficulty, because when it’s in the actual middle, it really hits on that rewarding feeling you’ll be able to only receive at a good adventure game.

The game is openly mad – that is certainly its entire cornerstone – but Maize has some intriguing twists and turns that will maintain the attention. The writing is really funny at times, beyond one or two flat jokes that this game hopes to persist with. Each irrelevant, non-functional item has a tooltip explaining its often funny irrelevancy, plus the narrative is told through well-placed notes complemented by environmental design, and so the jokes land in situ whilst not being too to the nose.?A fantastic adventure game is commonly complemented using a well-written story, and Maize manages this, inspite of the stages of absurdity it knowingly attempts to reach.

The voice acting is certainly caused by excellent, but there is one character that bucks the popularity. Again, I don’t desire to spoil many of the personas, but you meet a Russian bear called Vladdy who unfortunately becomes your spouse.?Once he calls that you stupid idiot and rambles in Russian is cute and funny, nevertheless the next 40 times it truly is less so.

Even however the game basically pulls via one remarkable situation to another location, that is style of the point, and so i really enjoyed my time with Maize. It’s that self-aware LucasArts ridiculousness that could be wonderfully endearing, to see as we’re currently without adventure games, Maize may be a welcome breath of oxygen. I do believe that it is challenging to produce a game along these lines funny and fascinating, but despite its few flaws Maize succeeds with flair, and indeed helped me laugh and smile at its interesting locations and well-written, absurdly hilarious story. Definitely something to pick up when you have some slack out of this season’s saturation of big-name titles, the bingo features a real experience of heart hidden to use maze of corn.

Score: 4/5 –?Great


    • Funny writing and intriguing story
    • Contains a few unique puzzles that capture that rewarding adventure game feeling
    • Environmental and art design is unique in addition to a joy to experience
    • A breath of renewed commitment amidst the fog of ‘big game season’


  • Some jokes fall flat?or are repeated until cringeworthy
  • The puzzles that don’t work find themselves overly patronizing or too difficult



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