No Man's Sky is Finding a Massive Update August

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No Man’s Sky is still going strong even now. Just think about the game’s sub-reddit and you’ll obtain a thriving community of players sharing tips, tricks, together with sharing gameplay experiences because of their fellow explorers. For those who are still enjoying the great space-race, there’s good taken from Hello Games. Good news, even.

Hello Games has announced that this next big update without Man’s Sky is coming come early july. And it’s called NEXT, because Sean Murray obviously hates everyone who may have to partner with SEO, but whatever. There’s not very much to say of the incoming update adjusted yet as Hello Games only has create a brief statement on its website. The update reads:

Hello Everyone,

Our small team is working our socks off over the future of No Man’s Sky, but we were going to share some news from behind the curtain.

Our upcoming update will likely be called No Man’s Sky NEXT, coming Summer 2018.

Really as a result of amazing community, each update with no Man’s Sky continues to be more productive versus last. Atlas Rises, our most up-to-date update, was especially so. That represented a real inflection reason for the legacy of our game. This team hasn’t stopped running at sprint pace in the last few years, so perhaps it could are tempting to quit there. Surprisingly eventhough it had the exact opposite relation to us, and this emboldened us all to travel further and faster.

We called our upcoming update “NEXT”, because it’s a very important the second step on a longer journey for individuals plus the community. It can be our biggest update to date, your decide one i am working ridiculously difficult for. This will be liberal to existing players, and we’ll always support No Man’s Sky by doing this for any long run.

No Man’s Sky is also traveling to Xbox One, which has long been hotly requested by patient Xbox fans. The Xbox version includes Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises and then suddenly from day-one, in 4K and HDR for Xbox One X. We’ve been also bringing No Man’s Sky to WeGame, the Tencent Chinese platform. Since Atlas Rises, China is currently our second biggest region for players, and we are delighted to have the capacity to support our Chinese players further.

We understand that there is lots of hunger in existence for news and updates on No Man’s Sky. We appreciate your patience, so we promise we are diligence to reward it.

Thank you a whole lot,

Perhaps the larger news here is that No Man’s Sky is finally purchasing a release on Xbox One after having only been available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Very good news for Xbox peeps, including this writer that is still waiting on his Xbox One X delivery. Sorry. Not sorry.?

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