O’Connor: Halo 5’s XB1X Texture Upgrade “Very Comparable to Forge”; Halo MCC Update Handled By 343i Team

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343 Industries’ Halo Franchise Development Director, Frank O’Connor, has revealed some additional info on the upcoming Halo 5 and Halo MCC Xbox One X updates.

O’Connor, who moves the domain name of ‘Stinkles’ around the NEOGAF forums, replied to your comments in regards to the upcoming Halo updates for Microsoft’s enhanced Xbox One console.

Last month, the Halo Franchise Development Director already shown that the Halo 5 Guardians may gain advantage from good quality textures and assets about the Xbox One X, and O’Connor has now clarified this texture and asset upgrade will be “very much like” the raised texture quality as noticed in Halo 5 Forge on PC. As he says that people need to keep their expectations down, he believes that Halo 5’s campaign on the Xbox One X looks better than Halo 5 Forge on his 4K display.

“It is extremely like Forge so make your expectations in check nevertheless i think Forge looks amazing in my 4k TV along with the campaign stuff on Scorpio looks better Imo”, he explained.

In a follow-up post, O’Connor clarified that she was specifically talking about increased texture resolution rather than overall IQ, aliasing, framerate, etc.

“I’m specifically dealing with the elevated texture resolution, not the actual IQ, frame rate, draw distance, aliasing etc.”, he added.

O’Connor also shared an intriguing tidbit in regards to the upcoming Halo: The proprietor Chief Collection updates that were announced yesterday.

It was rumored that the fixes and enhancements for that Halo compilation is handled by an outside team, but this is not the case in line with the development director. “That certainly led to some issues however this update will be handled by us in addition to a single dedicated team”, he said. “Not multiple partners.”

The Halo 5 Guardians Xbox One X update is going to be released alongside the console’s launch on November 7, although the Halo MCC updates will release somewhere in 2018.

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