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World of Final Fantasy on PS Vita

World of Final Fantasy’s opening 10 hours undoubtedly are a slog, specially when you’re not the type to savor slapstick humor. As an entry that will celebrate the next Fantasy legacy if you take a wistful romp down memory lane and introducing ‘cute’ chibi reincarnations of our own favorite series icons, the game… kind of succeeds. Sometimes. Speculate a title that aims to welcome a fresh generation of gamers in to the realm of Final Fantasy, it type of fails. Regarding that later.

Our story kicks off when two amnesiac twins, Reynn and Lann, wake up one morning to find their town completely empty. They’re coffeeshop baristas, and whenever they find their town free of life someday, a bizarre woman appears to tell them that they have to journey to the world of Grymoire to capture Mirages and know more about their past. Mirages are essentially Pokemon-like critters you could encounter in dungeons. Perform specific actions and cast certain spells, and you’ll be able to capture them and make use of them in battle. Take more time leveling these creatures up, and you could even evolve them and gain in abilities from that evolution.

The combat and the new, innovative stacking method is where Arena of Final Fantasy truly shines. As opposed to picking a class or project for your characters, you equip your captured Mirages by stacking them on top of or using your characters. It’s a device that will get all the more complex once you begin trying out Reynn and Lann’s chibi and giant forms. While your characters are tiny, you can stack one small Mirage on their heads, and have absolutely them sit atop a more substantial Mirage. Of course, if they’re normal sized, you possibly can stack one medium and the other small Mirage with their heads.

Creating stacks can give your characters admission to abilities that the Mirages have, and likewise vary their weaknesses and resistances. Stacking will give you more HP, but creating an ‘unstable’ stack pushes you to extremely susceptible to toppling from enemy attacks. I’m happily surprised for the depth within the stacking system, and also have spent a number of hours mixing and matching my Mirages, considering which configuration is great perfect for my party. Stacking multiple Mirages concentrating on the same abilities can even allow you to ‘combine’ those skills and let you employ a much type of that skill. So when you stacked two Mirages while using Fire spell, you’d be capable to use Fira in battle. Pretty neat stuff.

Unfortunately, all that neatness falls flat after you run face first within the game’s strangely elevated encounter rate as well as banal puzzles you will need to solve inside the dungeons. World of Final Fantasy’s combat is fun, nonetheless it quickly wears out its welcome while you realise that you can’t walk 10 steps without triggering a random battle. This honestly wouldn’t be so terrible if you didn’t run across a similar three Mirages in each dungeon. There appears to become a tiny selection of Mirages inside a dungeon, and given how much time and extended they are, along with the high encounter rate, dungeons as well as random battles can rapidly turn into slog.

On top of that, the later dungeons may also be filled with trivial puzzles that will need you to definitely backtrack and seek out valuables in to progress.?In simple terms, the dungeons are really a slight chore to receive through during this game. And while these are beautifully themed and designed, I really could only tolerate watching the standard Mirages load slowly onto my screen so often prior to starting to feel somewhat bored.

Thankfully, Whole world of Final Fantasy comes with a fast-forward button which accelerates both game dialogue and battle speed. Not simply did this increase the risk for dungeon crawls somewhat more bearable, you’ll find it allowed me to skip the incessant yapping of Lann and Reynn noisy . hours within the game. On account of our two bland protagonists, the storyplot itself also looks like a tiresome trudge on occasion. The twins?can’t stay quiet for over a minute at the same time, and this certainly doesn’t help the fact that game seems so focused on beating you across the head with the incontrovertible fact that Lann is supposed to be the funny, stupid on the list of pair.

Here’s that this average cutscene (the fact that there are various) plays in Whole world of Final Fantasy.

Tama (an amiable Mirage which helps you out on the journey): “Here’s an excellent door that will help you the-travel?between Grymoire and the main the-hub! It’s such as a shortcut!”

Lann: *reacts by having an over exaggerated gesture of shock and pretends to fall over* “Wow! A shortcut?! How short will it be? Whether or not this was any shorter, it’d become a buzzcut!”

Reynn: “Please stop.”

Tama: “Yeah! You can easliy the-call this a buzzcut!”

Lann: “Haha buzzcut! I’m so funny!” *does another over exaggerated body motion showing that he’s laughing and enjoying himself*

Alright, so I’m paraphrasing a little bit here, but that’s ways to expect many of the cutscenes to go down within the first 1 / 2 the experience.?That it was endearing at first, and somewhat fun to enjoy Lann play off of the cutesy Mirages inside an adorable manner. But after the tenth lame pun of Lann, I ran across myself empathizing more with Reynn and wondering how she deal with this dork on the brother her entire life.

And yes, Tama talks with that annoying “the-” speech pattern the whole game.

Because Arena of Final Fantasy really wants to exploit the nostalgia factor, players will, however, be able to meet a common series icons through the entire lifetime of the experience. This really is another area the location where the game really shines, and it’s one that will certainly catch the attention of longtime fans. By completing Intervention and Champion quests, you’ll see some?cutscenes and be a part of cool battles alongside series favorites. Even though the overall story in World isn’t particularly interesting, nothing compares to the triumphant sense of seeing your best character suddenly arrive to the picture, complete with a heroic pose within their hyper cute chibi forms.

Finish these optional quests, and you’ll earn Champion Medals that let you summon these characters basically in battle. Tidus, one of the best Champion, has the Blitz Ace move as well as every time you make use of it, he bursts onscreen to perform the famous Jecht Shot Mark III and kicks a blitzball on the faces in the enemy horde. It’s really awesome. A lot of the original voice actors get home to reprise their roles (at English and Japanese, and that is nice), along with the whimsical feeling of nostalgia really begins as soon as the game starts playing lovely rearrangements of the favorite tracks within the original games.

For returning fans in the series, the Champion quests and respective cutscenes are quite well worth the trudge in the awful jokes and dungeon grind. If it is the last we’ll ever see in our favorite characters, Realm of Final Fantasy certainly does them justice, additionally, the game functions as a fine send-off and throwback to heroes from the ages. As well as the newcomers who know nothing in the series in advance of this title, honestly I’d be shocked if Realm of Final Fantasy results enticing and inspiring you to investigate most Square Enix’s games. Perhaps you’ll experience the turn-based combat, but everything else for the game – the story, its characters, the cringe-worthy dialogue – does nothing to show newcomers what this long-running series depends upon.

I vastly enjoyed time with Whole world of Final Fantasy. The stacking technique is the most innovative additions the studio renders to Final Fantasy’s traditional turn-based combat, with your hoarder compulsion could do its stuff?would like to learn about Mirage collection. Fans who crave more combat without each of the interrupting dialogue can test their mettle against other players along at the online coliseum, so I’d highly encourage series fans to present this particular one a full shot. On the other hand, if you’re trying to play a last Fantasy game the very first time and are generally wondering seems like a fantastic access point, it is not. Newcomers will have a more practical experience playing among the classics instead.

Score: 3.5/5 – Fair


  • The stacking strategy is innovative, and surprisingly complex.
  • Series cameos are quite welcome, along with their personal quests are fun.
  • Mirage collection is dangerously compelling.


  • Extremely high encounter rate and a few tiresome puzzles in dungeons.
  • Forgettable plot, and not a fantastic access point for newcomers.
  • Lann and Reynn will not shut up, so they perform the duties of terrible protagonists.
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