Please Permit me to Stop Playing Farming Simulator 17

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Farming Simulator 17 on PS4

Hey Editors, it’s Yami here. You know the way I was assigned Farming Simulator 17 for review this month? I’d been excited, then. A wide-eyed, naive man or woman who thought, “I?loved?Euro Truck Simulator. I truly love doing regular jobs in video game titles. Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley are among one of the best games ever. Maybe I have been born in this.” Ha, yeah, I was wrong.

Farming Simulator 17 is designed to be boring, I’m sure. It’s probably meant to be some serene experience to flee from either violent video games or, I don’t know, your stressful true to life. You play a farmer, after all. That’s achievement the fast-paced, high octane lifestyle of, say, a secret agent. But I don’t think it’s intended to be?this?boring, guys. I don’t think I’m used to legitimately think about the clock and feel playing passing me by. Every second probably shouldn’t feel as if an extra I can never recover.

You would imagine that harvesting crops would at the least turn into a bit interesting. Mindless routines in games are frequently not too bad. Yet, while i watched my tractor omit area of?from a perfect, uniformed fashion, I stared on the void. It didn’t even satisfy my weird, “I enjoy clean in video gaming,” tendencies. Guess what I am talking about? Like, in Super Mario Sunshine and Viscera Cleanup Detail, that you prefer to hit each little spot. Yeah, well, I felt nothing when i plowed, sowed, and harvested throughout the vast fields. Those vast fields of nothingness that soon was a metaphor to your emptiness I felt while playing.

In fact, the sole fun I came across amongst people was as a result of my bullshittery. Grabbing a chainsaw and chopping down countless trees as it can be to create up a pile of trunks. Then, proceeding to take all of them nearly learn how many easily fit in the back?of my truck. Or seeing buying and selling websites can flip your truck, or go over pedestrians, or run around town with the chainsaw revved such as a madwoman. But how much credit am i allowed to supply a game for relying a great deal in my imagination to make it actually fun, and the way long could I keep that up? The reply is, not to long at all, in addition.

I’m sure there’s some audience this game relates to. Those that are hardcore into some boring shit, I’m sure. But even so, just how do they see through most of the clunky flaws? Your truck Talked about before, anyway, turns while using the sensitivity of somebody prepared to crash at the moment. You ought to turn left? It’s intending to go?super left.?It doesn’t provide a damn what you look for.

Not to mention the experience doesn’t actually have any patience available for you. Oh, you don’t have learned to farm? Don’t expect the tutorial or help menu to present you any idea. I had to spend three or more hours to finally figure out where I could possibly check out buy animals. I merely wanted a pig. I merely wanted a sweet pig.

This all begs the issue, though, how could I be a really fan of games like Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Euro Truck Simulator, nevertheless donrrrt you have a good example of Farming Simulator 17? I do think that there’s a superb balance in actual and fun considering the others. There has to be some line that will get crossed by Farming Simulator 17 where every one of the realism packed into what you’re doing just produces boring as hell gameplay.

So, look, Editors, level when camping here. Don’t cause me to feel keep playing mafia wars, okay? I tried. It reached the stage where I literally was only holding down R2 within a straight line forward because i harvested crops. You only try this plenty, get compensated, buy a new vehicles, keep doing that again a few more inside a boring, desolate town which includes like maybe three denizens. Whom you’ll visit hate and maybe, amid losing your head playing the overall game, forge actual arguments with. Because, again, the only real fun in Farming Simulator 17 emanates from you, then when you have to actively search for fun in the game, you recognize you’re not handling a doozy.

Score: 2/5 – Poor


  • Gives people hoping to be modern farmers something to test out.


  • Boring gameplay.
  • Oftentimes sluggish and clunky.
  • A big learning curve.
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