Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 100

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Happy centennial, everyone! We now have reached a genuine milestone today, and we’re happy you are able to share it around. We simply can’t mail a slice of cake to everyone, but we’ll eat some and see you (not from a creepy way) last week. Perhaps our thoughts should come together to form a mind-based Captain Planet that makes the whole world safer for gaming.

If that far-fetched possibility doesn’t happen, here is how we’ll be celebrating 100 weeks of Pure PlayStation Plays recently. Be sure you drop your individual plans inside comments, especially if they include anything with Captain Planet and thinking of us inside a not creepy way.

Kyle Durant

After like a grownup for your week We’ve Ni No Kuni 2 to conclude (which I’ve only put 15 hours in up to now. Yea My business is ashamed.) In addition to that may be the typical fun games with friends like Rocket League and Fortnite.

Jeremy Peterson

I’ll be spending the vast majority of my gaming time earlier this week playing a premier secret game for review. Following that, I’ll probably just wait for a invite that never comes from Kyle to experiment with Fortnite or Rocket League. ??

Chris Harding

I’m gonna be spending my weekend off my face on drugs. No, I’m the lack another cheeky weekend in Amsterdam – I’m coping with surgery and my pharmaceutical me the great sh*t. No gaming to me. I am able to barely hold a discussion, nevermind a controller.

Hannah Ellis

When I’m not watching The Masters (yeah, I understand, golf = yawn), I’ll be finally devoting time for it to Wolfenstein 2. Whilst it fails to impress me much like the first, perhaps since the shock factor has vanished, it remains in excess of worthy of a playthrough, if only showing what game titles is often after a little from the box thinking and nerve.

Jason Frye

I is going to be finishing an overview (It’s true now, Hopefully), including finally playing through episode 5 of Telltale’s Batman. Two types of Jokers with barely any shared scenes? Yes, please.

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