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Episode 5 of Telltales’ Batman: The Enemy Within is outstanding. The commitment of Gotham’s most famous villain is teased for the reason that end with the first season, as well as the Joker is a thing to behold. Along with your decisions influencing which type of Joker you see, this is essentially the most compelling episode of the year also as an indicator of where Telltale’s future games could go.

At no more episode four, it turned out obvious Someone in particular had designed a choice. In accordance with the choices, episode 5 reveals a sadistic enemy or perhaps a dangerous friend. Both can generate problems for Batman and Bruce Wayne.

This stands out as the clearest vary from other episodes and also other Telltale games. There is additional and separate content to your two of Jokers with Telltale explaining that only three scenes are shared.

Based on my own choices (and also choice, depending on how you interpret what are the game teaches you), my Joker was the normal, yet unconventional, villain. They’re men torn apart with the actions of Bruce Wayne, and he still is enthusiastic about him like a focus for his obsessive behavior.

I won’t ruin the surprises, nevertheless episode starts strong as well as hesitate to permit Mr. J. experience the violence. There are a few very well-done action moments, particularly with Harley and also the Joker. Usually there are some genuinely tense and shocking moments during this episode, and people die. It comes with a great balance.

There isn’t an individual who is untouched because of the decisions for this season, and Telltale does an admirable job of assisting you to connect to everyone. There are many big reveals with highs and lows, before an article credit scene let’s you recognize not things are all settled.

You can’t miss the themes with this episode, but that is mostly given that you are beat across the head by among them. Are classified as the criminals of Gotham really the problem, or could they be only the signs of the Batman? Is Batman responsible for most of the pain that’s caused? Concerning our exactly what it that, however it’s a motivating question.

The other theme is powerlessness, and the way it is possible to reply to it. I thought this was by far and away more interesting, because that decision made really the right impact on folks around Bruce Wayne. That personal impact (sometimes painfully literal) is pushed towards forefront here, but it demonstrates the worth when choosing to spotlight Bruce Wayne and even Batman. The creepy social gathering scene really brings that into the surface.

The music was another high reason for the episode. Either almost all of the music was new at all to the series, or I merely don’t remember it. It was actually perfect, plus the choices were often intriguing for the purpose was happening on-screen. I propose you lower the song volume a little bit to enhance hear the dialogue, but the music was the very best of the season.

Episode 5, Same Stitch, arranges Season 3 perfectly, but we have been in an various and much more broken place than we started initially. With tension and explosive action, two versions of Joker with separate content, plus some great music, right here is the end season 2 needs, with episode 5 being a good enough to relax and play from the season. font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif;

Batman: The Enemy Within Episode 5 PS4 Review
  • 8.7/10

    Overall – Fantastic – 8.7/10



Batman: The Telltale Series, Episode 5, is all about the Joker. Whether he sees you as friend or foe is reflected by choices you have made previously. To find out some heavy-handed philosophy, you will find fantastic action, suspense, and music pushing someone to the dramatic conclusion. This is an excellent end to Season 2.
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