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I’m a major fan of your Bridge Constructor games. Looking at the glowing post on the recently released Bridge Constructor Portal, I just now required it. After which, seemingly beyond nowhere, I’m told that Bridge Constructor Stunts is getting a PS4 release only a couple of short weeks later. It’s like I acquired shat on by eagle. What luck!

Bridge Constructor Stunts isn’t a true-to-form Bridge Constructor game. Instead, similar to the Portal spin-off, Stunts takes the familiar bridge building formula and tweaks it very slightly. In such cases, you’re a stuntman!

Stunts has got the familiar bridge building gameplay that you’d get in an original game, though the big twist we have found that you’re not only for building bridges. No, you’re building ramps to your vehicle to launch off. Oh, and you’re the driving force. In Stunts you’re actually in command of the car. You’ll choose when you accelerate, decrease, and also do flips as you hurl over the air. Which means forget about blaming the experience as a shit if you don’t cause it to be from one side for the other…

But can this deviation off-course work? Yes, usually. You’re still following the regular gameplay, but now you’re a little bit more involved. There’s still challenges to try and do, levels to defeat, for example. There’s little reason to relax and play from the levels again unless you’re a hardcore trophy nut, therefore i guess that’s the game’s biggest flaw? Well, isn’t which every puzzle game’s biggest flaw? Look at that for a moment since you ponder in the night sky.

Controls wise, Stunts is perfectly serviceable. The standard building mechanics will be in play and, thankfully, they’re not complicated by any means. Incorporating car controls would have contributed to some problems, nevertheless it doesn’t. They’re easier than you think along only needing to use two buttons to hurry up and slow. There’s difficult inside for all those who’re trying to accomplish the best stunts with multiple flips; you’ll should have the sweet spot and time your flips right.

It’s obviously a brief port from mobile to console, but that doesn’t mean the game suffers for doing this. Controls are super easy to use, the menus are simple to navigate, as well as the graphics are merely as simple yet pleasing. You’re not about to send your PS4’s cooling fan into overload, but it really still looks great.

The only negative I’m able to really see with Stunts is usually that it’s just a little to the short side. There’s 33 levels to experiment with through. That may could be seen as plenty, but you need to keep in mind that the very first few levels are simply mini-tutorials to provide you acquainted with the game’s mechanics. Once you’ve beaten the amount, that assign you a rating, you can experience them again to receive the collectables, achieve the maximum ratings, and sweep up any trophies you’re lacking. Having said that, it’s not as fun checking the same levels again, at least not for me personally. To look at had been able beat a troublesome level, not what I thought was “yeah, I’m going to settle for brussels and attempt to beat my favorite score. It just took me Twenty or so minutes to barely scrape by this time, but I’m sure I’ll be more responsible for a second run”. Not happening. Not in this idiot. font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif;

Bridge Constructor Stunts PS4 Review
  • 7.9/10

    Overall – Good – 7.9/10



Bridge Constructor Stunts is really a cheap and cheerful puzzle game. It follows on from the original and twists the gameplay a bit by getting you, you, more involved. For the most part it does work flawlessly and is a decent little head scratcher. Just are aware that it’ll only make you stay scratching your nogging for a few hours for the most part.
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Reviewed using PS4 Slim.?

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