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Just a short while ago, Regalia: That face men and Monarchs was just a desire for your indie team of developers at Pixelated Milk. Then, one uber-successful Kickstarter later, their little indie dream became a full-fledged reality. Actually, their vision for which the field of Regalia can be went over very well with fellow gamers they will in excess of doubled their $40,000 goal. Now, Pixelated Milk in conjunction with Crunching Koalas and distributor Klabator, are bringing a professional sort of the experience to the PlayStation Store. What on earth is Regalia: Of guys and Monarchs – Royal Edition? It’s really a Japanese inspired turn-based tactical RPG with strategic elements. Did this indie team meet the lofty goals they promised wonderful that Kickstarter money they raked in? No need to guess, just continue reading and I’ll spill the beans.

It’s a JRPG after all, so it’s everything about the story, along with the story goes something such as this. The hero may be a son named Kay. We meet the sad-sack and the two sisters, Elaine and Gwendolyn, along with Kay’s faithful servant/bodyguard Griffith the same as the four ones completed the long trek here we are at Kay’s homeland with the behest of his dying father. Within the distant land of Rashytil Expanse lies Kay’s birthright, your house Loren, deep involved with Ascalia. Because four advisors arrive, Kay see’s that he’s not the heir to the beautiful kingdom, but your home in ruins. Quite as our intrepid hero knows that from inheriting a mighty kingdom to rule, we meet a shady debt collector named Crucey, who insists that since the new head of House Loren, the crippling debt and unpaid taxes that his family accrued are his responsibility. So that is a game, rather then some evil crook that will need your smiting, the aim suggestions to rebuild your kingdom and pay off the old debts. It might be understood as very high of stakes, but regardless of the odd normalcy of coughing up off debts and taxes, all this still worked.

The nice thing about it quite simply will never be working in a boring, dead-end job to be charged your finances. Instead, you may be plundering dungeons and killing more monsters and criminals than you may shake a sword at. A great deal of the 30-40?hours it will lead you to complete the overall game (should you not play in the easy mode that lets you skip many of the battles), you’ll spend paying attention to many, albeit, excellent voice acting plus much more text to read. But when you might be a fan for this genre, than you already knew that had been coming.

The combat is grid-based strategic combat that fans of Final Fantasy Tactics may find instantly familiar. You can find a great deal of characters that one could take into battle against you, and in addition they all offer something unique. Alongside these unique abilities, each character might also use consumables, that you can get, crafted or purchased. In battle, you’ll also need to be cognizant regarding your brand of sight and friendly fire. When I are able to spinning that blade, I cannot care who’s inside my way-someone’s getting cut. The combat was challenging and took a reasonable amount of learning from your errors in this little end. Strategic style turn-based aren’t usually my go-to RPG’s, so played a job here, is far more efficient a great deal to consider and do in each turn of each battle. After i got the hang of it, I believed it worked very well.

There is another Persona-like relationship-building mechanic that includes another volume of spice for an already loaded dish. To have the interest rate of the game moving, the experience implements a time keeping mechanic that produces sure you’re not just sitting around drinking the ashes within your ancestors (I really like our hero isn’t very smart?). Whether you want to make a better rapport with a team member, build or renovate a new bar, or use a several day adventure, contributions is usually ticking and whatever you do takes time. Crucey, as with good loan shark worth his salt, isn’t down along with your pathetic excuses, so you’ll want to manage your time and effort wisely. This is a fairly forgiving time mechanic, but because I said, it would not be prevented.

Game Info

  • Developer: Pixelated Milk, Crunching Koalas
  • Release Date: April 10
  • Price: $25.99

It’s remove the team at Pixelated Milk spent a good section of their stacks of Kickstarter cash the soundtrack additionally, the professional voice acting, considering they are top-notch. There are numerous cringey lines, and few cheesy deliveries in the voice actors, but because you will get to know the characters, these grow on you and incredibly help complete fantastic cast of characters. These are characters, they are hand-drawn 3d over hand-drawn 2d landscapes and they’re top notch. In fact, the visuals, the background music, the writing as well as voice acting are common carried out that polish that may be rarely noticed in the indie market.

There is usually a large amount of things to attend to here, making that twenty-five dollar investment could be seen as a no-brainer, particularly if like classic Japanese inspired RPG’s. It’s not your dad’s indie game. Seriously, 1st class from top to bottom. If you’re more dedicated this feels like it would be in your wheelhouse, you shouldn’t miss it. font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif;

Regalia: Of males and Monarchs PS4 Review
  • 7.8/10

    Overall – Top notch – 7.8/10



Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs doesn’t break any new ground, but it has an exciting RPG through an engaging story. The unwanted loading screens might get annoying, nevertheless the music, the voice acting and artwork really shine. Near AAA quality below half the retail price. If you’re searching for a different JRPG to sink approximately 40 hours into, you could do a great deal worse than Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs.
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Review Disclaimer: This review was done using a copy from the game provided by the publisher. To learn more, please read our Review Policy.

Reviewed using base PS4.

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