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Shadow Warrior 2 on PC

As the single most prominent rising genres during the last decade of gaming, the first-person shoot-and-loot form of game changed the landscape dramatically. From Borderlands’ irreverent humor to Destiny’s epic, sweeping scale, the appeal draws from both action oriented FPS along with the undeniable allure of gathering a growing number of powerful items. Leaning for the FPS side of the company’s heritage, we look for Flying Wild Hog’s over-the-top sequel, Shadow Warrior 2.

Shadow Warrior 2 finds Five years following events of the primary game’s 2013 remake. Following exploits of your bold, crude-talking modern ninja Lo Wang, the series is well known for heavy action, a breadth of devastating weaponry, and jokes relating to the word “Wang.” The sequel’s story unfurls within a world that Lo Wang inadvertently helped to build, during which humans and demons live alongside and corruption runs rampant through everyday activity.

As Shadow Warrior 2 opens, players find Wang given the job of an uncomplicated rescue mission. Brought to free an early scientist from his former nemesis, Orochi Zilla, Wang soon finds himself embroiled in a struggle between his old enemy, the regional Yakuza clans, and — naturally — uncountable hordes of twisted demons. If this isn’t enough, a deadly new drug called Shade is sweeping the underworld, somehow stuck just using most of the events unfolding.

As far as gameplay goes, fans in the 2013 Shadow Warrior remake will really find familiar ground. Lo Wang’s extensive arsenal of guns, blades, magic, plus more get home entirely force, and players can collect upgrades that could be installed into all of their several choices for dealing death. There’s not only a lot transpiring in Shadow Warrior 2 not in the action, unfortunately, but there’s a comparatively good time to be had slicing and dicing the waves of mutated-looking foes.

As far as storyline is concerned, Shadow Warrior 2 is really a tenuous and somewhat incomprehensible tale. After rescuing Kamiko, the accomplished scientist, from Zilla, it’s discovered that Zilla’s insane experiment leaves her in dire peril. Being a last-ditch effort to save lots of her, Master Smith pulls Kamiko’s soul from her body, pushing it to the only nearby vessel — Lo Wang. Here, she stays for almost all with the game, serving as nothing more than a foil to Wang’s own lackadaisical approach.

For the main several missions, Shadow Warrior 2 features a great feel on it. Early dynamic between Lo Wang and Kamiko is great, plus the action ramps up as players get yourself a feel for the setting in addition to their role in it. Following a strong start, though, the video game ceases to expand its foundation in different meaningful way. Wang remains quick with stale dick jokes, Kamiko fades right barely-present voice of reason, and the game brings little growth or evolution collected from one of stage to a different.

Shadow Warrior 2 isn’t without a few technical difficulties, either. I needed the video game crash maybe once or twice, usually in times should the enemy count was a student in its peak. Long load times made this more burdensome laptop or computer otherwise happens to be, but any time you’ve had a game flat-out imploding, it’s a bad look. It only reared its ugly head several times, insurance plan the game’s primary show of progression and difficulty is upping your body count, it generates issues deeper in to the title.

All for this put forth, Shadow Warrior 2 is still mostly enjoyable. The game’s slick damage system, allowing players to dismantle their foes little by little, may be a fun if not entirely new toy, and also the array of weapons available means there’s ample methods of test it. Four-player cooperative play throws yet another excellent option in the mix, and surely there’s some hours of fun to be enjoyed running madcap with friends in Lo Wang’s bizarre world.

Ultimately, Shadow Warrior 2 is the thing that you could expect in line with the prior game. There’s not a whole lot change or growth in the previous adventure, as well as script grows wearisome, however the gameplay continues to be fast, bloody, and fun. If you’re a fan of juvenile jokes or perhaps looking for whatever is like an off-brand Deadpool, it could be ideal for you. Still, with details and also a flat story, the $39.99 price on Steam?appears like a reach.

Score: 2.5/5 – Poor


  • Fast, bloody action.
  • Great variety of weapons and upgrades.


  • Tired, stale jokes.
  • Technical issues and crashes.
  • Lack of real progress or building around the prior game.
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