Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (Ds lite by nintendo): Review

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Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is really a colorful, pleasant farming simulator that sports 3 distinct towns and seemingly endless collectibles. Fans of?Harvest Moon and?Animal Crossing will enjoy the customizable environment and timed events. The overall game is also undeniably cute. However, if you’re not into repetitive tasks and fetch quests, you must look elsewhere.

Game Name: Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns
Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS
Publisher(s): Marvelous, XSeed Games
Developer(s): Marvelous
Release Date: 6/23/2016 (Japan), 2/28/2017 (US)
Price: $39.99 USD

At the starting of your overall game, you’re the average human (you could choose male/female) sitting down to dinner with your loved ones. Your father, that is definetly just what Japanese would call a Salaryman,?announces that his job needs moving nationally. You end up picking this moment to announce via emoji you wish to have to advance out and grow a farmer. Your folks are aghast as of this decision, however, your father agrees to help you to follow your ideal. His brother, “Uncle Frank”, agrees to have you under his wing and educate the clear technique of the agrarian.?

You begin motion picture game employing a humble farm near Westown, so named to its over-the-top frontier theme. Later, you’ll discover Lulukoko (Hawaii-themed) and Tsuyukasa (Japan-themed). After you progress from the game, it is possible to buy a new farm with a lot more animal sheds, fields, and residential improvements. Your tools, clothing, crops, and animals is usually improved with all the right amount of resources and money. Fishing, cooking, and courtship are likewise included. The charming anime-style graphics and calming music were clearly made using love.?There’s a great deal of products to do in their normal?Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns.?If you have a long train commute or perhaps job with an inattentive boss and considerably more the right time to kill (I have got neither), you possibly can while away changes of day with the fields. If you’re a completionist, you’re obtaining loads of mileage from this title.

Lulukoko may be a Hawaii-themed area.

To enhance waiting in town, you could fulfill part-time job requests while in the surrounding towns. Others like you will contact someone to chop wood, weed their fields, or ship them the particular model of crop. You’re rewarded with small quantities of money additionally, the occasional gift, but the primary aim of part-time efforts are replacing the exact same with Town Rank. Since you’re efficient at make money you will find on the outside, money won’t be an issue. As long as I was able to possibly hurt you wallet on radishes and fallen maple branches in real life!

You also won’t have trouble taking good care of your crops. That that they need is daily watering unless it’s raining.?Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns doesn’t have weather events that destroy your crops, unlike the?Rune Factory?series. If you ever can’t make enough sales, there isn’t a Tom Nook banging exclusively by yourself door. At worst, your crops will die plus your barns are going to be set with “doo-doo”. That’s not me being coy, anyway. The action actually describes animal manure as “doo-doo”. It appears like?Story of Season: Trio of Towns should be relaxing versus challenging.

There are many strange gameplay design choices within this title. Like, when Uncle Frank gives you your first directory of farming tools, he mentions in passing available new tools once you accidentally throw yours away. I didn’t discover how that situation achievable approximately it happened. Exactly the same button you press to commence your tools menu has to discard items in case the menu is open. You can’t get tossed items back. A protective mechanic against spending key items has to be more sensible choice here than Uncle Frank’s friendly warning.

Some with the part-time attempts are odd, too. Most involve about to someone else’s farm and pressing “A” to water, weed, shear, milk, or chop. There’s an awesome chance of mini-games, or older complex button-pressing commands, which had been missed. Other part-time delivery gigs expect you to get a package a single NPC and deliver it to another. Sometimes, the 2 main characters were from the identical room when you improve transaction. Again, basically can certainly make cash IRL by handing a bouquet collected from a single of person completely to another person 10 feet away, I’d contain it in-built cooler areas.

Caring on your animals and offering them treats causes these to be healthy and happy.


We are sufficiently lucky to obtain live in a period with a lot more game titles appearing than before.?Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns pays tribute to is spiritual predecessor,?Harvest Moon.?Unlike Harvest Moon, however, this title isn’t breaking new ground (pun definitely intended). Fans in the farming-sim formula shall be pleased, however it is not surprised. Even as it had been a wonderful tactic to pass time, I don’t think this title has enough gameplay variation to help with my interest until the long winter.


  • Cute animals and character design
  • Optional online play?
  • Easy to leap into


  • Names within the character, farm, and pets have 6-character limit
  • Repetitious gameplay

  • Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns could keep you entertained through which the corn’s all the way to an elephant’s eye, whilst you’re Content with expending primary time running and pressing “A”.


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