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Tales of Berseria on PS4

Tales of Berseria is cut from the minor different cloth than most games from the series. No feature the happy go lucky tale of friendship that we’re familiar with, instead buying an extremely darker tone with regard to both story and character. Luckily, this turns out to be great change of pace to the series, in addition to a not any other tweaks to gameplay.

Tales of Berseria actually takes place from the same world because previous game, Tales of Zestiria, but is about during the distant past. For this reason fans might find some commonalities and links, however it’s a game that stands completely without attention. The history involves a girl named Velvet who lives a tranquil life in a small town. Right after a terrible event takes place, her entire own life is removed from her, causing her to want simply revenge from the man that ruined everything.?

Even with the fundamental setup, Tales of Berseria adopts a far darker tone than normal. Bad things have became of the world and Velvet, hardening her and making her emotionally cold.?Although she’s very different from most protagonists, Velvet is able to be the single most memorable main characters from your series for a while. Her tale is without a doubt tragic, and understand her plight, whether or not her methods are questionable.?Understandably, she is able to grow and be more than simply the vengeance filled hero.

This reaches the remainder party, who have some form of troubled past, or sizable character flaw. A lot more than any Tales game I’ve played, Berseria’s ensemble cast is a real ragtag selection of characters. You may have Eizen the pirate who bears something known as Reaper’s Curse, which eternally gives him bad luck in a mere about everything. Magilou is often a witch that keeps her strategies to herself, instead generating an eccentric air and also over the best personality. Mentioned two examples, however the other party all has their unique history, hangups, and flaws.

The actions the party takes over the story is different standard also, whilst you do not your bright-eyed protagonists who would like to save the modern world. During the entire story your characters are up to things which aren’t exactly thought to be “good.” They lie, steal, kill, and a lot more to get their objectives. However, their aim is noble, but Tales of Berseria’s story is a bit more about moral grays versus battle of excellent versus evil.

This honestly results as a refreshing direction for any Tales series to have, especially as being the cast grows and changes from the turmoil. All parties member is incredibly fleshed out, and becomes ever more likable as you can see more info on their personality. However, there’s still plenty ?of fun that can be had besides the darker story, as Berseria possesses the Tales series trademark quirkiness.

Fully voiced and animated skits flesh out of the characters great before, where there are a lot of NPCs to speak to for you to find out about the whole world and story. There’s also tons of different costumes and attachments you can use to decorate your characters in fun ways. ?It’s not this brief game either, when the main story will give you nearly 60 hours not forgetting side content. You will find a great deal of sidequests, optional monster battles, and minigames to experience. There’s even a completely new option during the menu called “Expedition,” that allows dispatch ships to understand more about various parts of the earth, and convey items back. It is just a quick an effortless distraction, but feels rewarding whenever you obtain a rare item.

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