The Witcher 3 Uses Checkerboard Rendering On PS4 Pro; Super-Sampling Confirmed On 1080p Displays

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Just yesterday, The Witcher 3 received a completely new update on PlayStation 4, which added PlayStation 4 Pro support to the game. A couple ago, some exactly the game has enhanced on the new Sony console are located online.

Digital Foundry started having a good evaluate the Witcher 3 on PlayStation 4 Pro, confirming which it uses checkerboard rendering to enhance the game’s native 1080p presentation.

We’ve hardly did start to look at the upgraded type of the title, however it is pretty clear within the outset that CD Projekt RED is certainly checkerboard rendering to boost the presentation on the game from its native 1080p on base hardware. This technique effectively sees the developer render a 19202160 framebuffer in a checkerboard configuration, typically filling in the gaps using information from prior frames.

While the sport has generally been improved, it appears as if a couple of things have regressed, like ambient occlusion. Performance also seems to get not the very best inside the most difficult areas.

It’s beginning with these testing to this point, numerous changes and improvements have been in play. Texture filtering is improved upon, nevertheless the base assets C including art quality C browse are the same as the action running within the standard PlayStation 4. Curiously though, ambient occlusion seems to be though early pared the government financial aid a number of the scenes we tested C something we intend to investigate in further depth. Initial tests also report that many of the Witcher 3’s most challenging areas C such as Crookback Bog C actually run slower than base hardware, which will was a touch slower versus the Pro running the existing code under boost mode.

Those pairing the PS4 Pro that has a 1080p display are also seeing benefits, as the game uses full super-sampling.

Finally, rounding off this very early go through the patch 1.51, the best thing is we can confirm that full super-sampling is set in effect for PlayStation 4 Pro users with 1080p displays, meaning pristine-looking anti-aliasing, while the enhanced texture filtering also scales down nicely too

The Witcher 3 is actually out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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