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Toukiden 2 on PS4

Since the making of your first Toukiden game, the series has drawn a ton of comparisons towards the Monster Hunter series. In which go as far as to talk about that Toukiden has stolen much from Capcom’s fantastical big-game-hunting series, and it’s not entirely without reason. The similarities exist, but Toukiden 2 certainly sets to produce a term for itself regardless. Building within the earlier games’ action-oriented handle slaying huge beasts, Toukiden 2 seems to battle some of the concerns players have voiced during the time since details reveals each preceding titles.

Much like Monster Hunter, Toukiden puts players becoming their own individual character since they travel the land and search for larger plus more dangerous beasts, when using the materials from slain foes to build them selves weapons and armor. Toukiden 2 makes numerous the latest features and changes, building a unique think that sets it in addition to appearing a clone of Capcom’s successful franchise. The action features a wide open world, whilst your Slayer very easily roam pretty freely while it is determined by progression into your game’s more in-depth story.

The game opens with the Awakening — the appearance of destructive, massive beasts named Oni in the world, bent on destroying humanity. Our hero is just about the Slayers, those involved in keeping the Oni escalating.?Worker secretly for centuries to safeguard their world, the Slayers feel the drawn towards a very public front-line battle against the Oni pouring out of big holes in truth itself. When Slayer forces are crushed almost entirely on the Defense of Yokohama, our hero is pulled via a mysterious gate, awakening outside Mahoroba Village fifteen years later sufficient reason for not one other memory to communicate of.

Your Slayer is soon used destroying the Oni that surround the village, protected only with a magical barrier held in place by the young Sacred Shrine Maiden, Kaguya. Internal strife between two factions inside village are boiling over, however the threat from outside is still principal concern. And also a lengthy set of available supporting characters, your Slayer will travel out in the forests around Mahoroba, adventure into the Otherworld, plus more as they simply explore and defend the land up against the ever-present threats.

Most of Toukiden 2 is, certainly, information about slaying Oni. It indicates you’ll be in area of quite often, whether looking for another item of the game’s extensive story, free-roam hunting for crafting materials, or taking up side quests to compliment the villagers who’ve welcomed you into their lives. A lot of story missions sets your team for you, Slayers they like to go away the village will have the opportunity to construct their unique crew from your other Slayers you’ve met and worked along the way until now.

Speaking of one’s companions, Toukiden 2’s ally AI is fairly well-oiled. You’re capable of provide basic direction for a crew, one after the other or for a group, but for the greater degree they’re pretty competent assistants. A lot of the important when facing the game’s most prominent foes — the large Oni that tower over you. During these confrontations, your companions is appropriate to target enemy disadvantages, heal you and your other teammates, making good use of their own abilities to help keep the battle going in your favor.

When not during the field, Slayers can do numerous things about the village to keep their odds of success high. Your neighborhood restaurant’s food offers useful boosts, while a dip from my bath can offer some protection from the Miasma that hangs like fog while in the dangerous aspects of the Otherworld. The village also provides a shop, a blacksmith, and many those that will be more than very happy to provide uninspiring quotes or send Slayers off on side missions to support them in some way; those who have a quest to supply are, thankfully, marked — so there’s almost no time wasted chatting with anyone without something to convey.

The story drives much of my experience within Toukiden 2. Centered around the division between “Insiders,” or even the Slayers who lived within Slayer villages prior to the Awakening, and “Outsiders” who had previously been a part of the mundane world, the tale carries a broad cast of characters returning from previous games in addition to a solid number of new faces. The squabbles between these factions do relax and take a backseat to more imminent threats, though, plus your Slayer’s search for uncover their memories from their life ahead of the Awakening perhaps there is in the process.

Also returning with the latter games is a huge cast of Mitama — the souls of legendary warriors and others who power up the Slayers. Players can collect new Mitama by completing story missions, slaying large Oni, or completing specific quests outside the world. The Mitama you’ve equipped become a fundamental portion of play, determining your Skills and diverse passive boosts that include a benefit in the game. You’ll plan to be sure you’re matching within the Mitama you’ve designed with both other Mitama whilst your weapon to make sure that you’re buying the most from your overall setup to make sure that victory.

The most interesting and innovative new feature in Toukiden 2 will be the Demon Hand. The invention of Mahoroba’s Machina-obsessed Professor, this gadget allows Slayers to post upon scenery for convenient movement around the field or even to snag Oni to zip into attack range. You’re also capable of singing the powerful Oni Burial move under certain conditions, instantly destroying a large Oni’s part of the body with one massive blow. Standby time with the Demon Hand is crucial to victory against particularly powerful or airborn Oni mainly because it allows players to quickly close distance and acquire into a striking position, and particular targeting allows you to focus your time and energy in the fight.

My gripes about Toukiden 2 are few, however may very well be enough to put off some players. Firstly, although game is a bit more action-oriented compared to the Monster Hunter series that it draws inspiration, it’s lacking many of the finer details. There’s no environmental effects from weather or similar conditions, no requirement to keep your Slayer well-fed outside in the sphere, and a lot less resource-gathering for materials. The better pitfall may be the game’s overall difficulty, which ceases to produce an especially challenging experience against including the strongest of your Oni you’ll face. Sure, it’s an easy task to get knocked out, but unless you’re traveling without any allies recover you, death is actually unlikely. Including the Miasma meter, which slowly builds up when you explore the Otherworld, is actually comparatively effortless to retain in see whether you’re alert to the spot where you tread.

Despite these shortcomings, make no mistake – I’d an utter blast with Toukiden 2. The tale feels extra built out and well-written compared to prior games, the script becomes a bit stiff in places. The overall game is packed with traditional Japanese and also other Eastern imagery as well as set pieces, which results in a pretty cool and well-rounded world where the player’s role is well-defined easy to understand. Regardless if they don’t feel particularly lethal, battling the bigger Oni still is quite a number of fun, and whipping about the battlefield together with the Demon Hand and various skills provides for a fantastic, action-packed experience with a beautifully rendered world.

All around, Toukiden 2 looks like it requires numerous what made the old games feel a lttle bit flat and fixes straight down. Latest features and open-world exploration place it further besides the Monster Hunter franchise — not because there’s anything wrong with Monster Hunter, certainly, but because it’s of importance to a game to feel as if it’s own unique thing. The action-first gameplay keeps things moving, and allows players to feel truly badass although it is not worrying far too much about other things. Your clients can make up Toukiden 2 today for the Playstation Store or maybe your local retailer either way PlayStation 4 and Vita.

Score:?4/5 – Great


  • Fast-paced action and gameplay.
  • Greatly improved story and writing.
  • New weapons, characters, and Oni.


  • Low difficulty, even against powerful Oni.
  • Lack of survivalist aspects.
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