Ubisoft Invites You and Your Friends to Ocean PvP in Skull & Bones

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During Ubisoft’s E3 conference today, the publisher announced Skull & Bones, a sport that allows participate in naval combat over the ocean.

Players should be able to destroy other ships either with friends or alone along with a array of ships to pick from. Skull & Bones develops in the Indian Ocean, and instead of focusing on exploration and adventure like Rare’s Sea of Thieves, the action generally focus totally on combat.

You can check out the trailer for Skull & Bones below.

Before moving towards the next title, it had been said Skull & Bones will also have any that reacts into the actions you create on the earth. It wasn’t explained what this tends to mean regarding gameplay, but we’ll make sure to stop you updated as and when young children and can more.

Skull & Bones is focused release a for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in Fall 2018.

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