Warframe's Plains of Eidolon Launches Monday on PC, in November on Consoles

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Digital Extremes just announced that Plains of Eidolon, the highly anticipated first open world zone arriving at Warframe, will launch on PC a few weeks while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users will need to wait in the future.

The website article also details several extra features included as well while using update, like the new Warframe Gara, resource collecting (fishing and mining), weapon crafting, new weapons, new reinforcements and new mods.

Check out lots of new screenshots as well as the launch trailer for Plains of Eidolon below. Once again, Warframe is fully free to play this update will not be different.

In Plains of Eidolon, players will see a new experience vastly not the same as the maze-like tilesets they’ve known. The first time in Warframe, players will dsicover exquisitely lit vistas by having an ongoing day/night cycle which induces an attractive continual emotional experience of dawn, day, dusk, and night. In the day-time, Tenno (players’ in-game name) has the liberty to seek missions from colorful vendors in the makeshift colony of Cetus, including up to 50 other players which to socialize. Players will cajole and converse with a varied variety of vendors like mining experts, fish mongers, beast masters, mask makers, and weapon smiths, rogues of which enables players to develop a group of modular weapons, customized recommended to their tastes in greater comfort.

Outside of town, solo or in squads as much as four, players can freely explore the Plains. Packed with stunning lush hillsides, busy waterways inhabited by schools of underwater creatures, and hidden cave systems, Tenno can entertain themselves with mini-games for example spearfishing and mining to get together resources, or practice heroic land and air battles – using the reworked Sky Archwing – against an ever-belligerent Grineer presence.

Best of all the, daytime activities are around for all players of any experience level! However when night falls, enemies scatter and conceal as the plains are haunted by mammoth Sentients. Summoned by a mysterious force, the towering Spectral Sentients often known as Eidolon ascend with the waters and threaten all living things into their paths. What do they seek out every evening? What’s going to it require for your team to defeat them?

Additional key features include:

  • Debut of your Deadly Warrior: Witness the creation of the 34th Warframe, Gara, who manipulates glass to fracture the resolve of her enemies. Gara’s unique Abilities comprise Shattered Lash, which thrusts forward a deadly glass blade, or performs a 180-degree sweep, damaging anyone in their path; Splinter Storm, which surrounds her target with swirling shards of glass; Spectrorage, which outcomes in a ring of mirrors around a target area, and Mass Vitrify: a capacity that expands a diamond ring of molten glass slowly crystallizing enemies who enter.

  • New Weapons: Gara wields a fresh arsenal of powerful weapons, including:

    • Astilla: The deadly Astilla shoots slugs that explode on impact, dispersing lethal glass shards in all of the directions

    • Volnus: The heavy Volnus deals a great deal of damage and will beat enemies with a pulp, as long as you contain the strength to wield it

    • Fusilai: The stealthy glass shurikens pierce through flesh and armor, taking down enemies unheard

  • New Reinforcements:

    • Argonak: Pick off targets by highlighting distant enemies utilizing this Grineer rifle’s advanced laser sighting system. Deadly in single fire and automatic modes

    • Krohkur: This hooked blade rewards critical hits to people skilled enough to strike with finesse

    • Dual Krohkur: Battlefield butchery becomes too easy having a Korhkur blade in each hand

  • Fashionista: Indulge your Fashion Frame sensibilities using the Virago Helmet and Gara’s new signature Hyalus Syandana. All Gara’s components can currently be seen in-game while her Blueprint will arrive in a Quest later this month

  • Focus 2.0: Feel the reintroduction with the Operator-Warrior Focus Rework 2.0. This new system changes the Skill Tree to be more combat-focused, where you can equip your Operator with distinct Weapons and Armor found deep in the Caves of your Plains

  • And More!

    • Players can get the Mag Deluxe Skin, Deluxe Tonfa, and Deluxe Syandana or purchase for them from the in-game market

    • Resource collecting and, new to Plains of Eidolon, ‘Stone Fish’ Collecting

    • Collect new ship decorations plus a new Grineer weapon

    • New Mods and Stances

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