Will the PS4 controller compatible with PS5?

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Both DualShock 4 and DualSense controller are Sony products, with later being the latest release to the market. These two unique products come along with some distinctive features that make them a bit outstanding. DualShock 4 is mainly used with the previous version of controller PS4, while the DualSense is designed mostly for PS5.

The DualSense new design brings notable changes in both design and functionality features from the previous DualShock 4.

One of the remarkable differences between these two Sony controllers is the shell. PS5 DualSense moved away from the traditional mono-colored tone we have gotten treated for quite some time and introduced some exciting color-coding to its fans, coupled with its unique sleek design.

Another significant improvement from the PS4 DualShock 5 design that PS5 DualSense capitalized on is the battery life, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback. DualSense comes with a thicker design primarily attributed to its many components tucked together. Unlike its predecessor, this controller comes with highly sensitive triggers that are super resistant based on the game action.

DualSense controller, unlike its PS4 DualShock, has some haptic feedback technology embedded in its system that allows the player to vividly enjoy the ps5 forum and get an actual sensational feeling like experienced in the game. Such kind of features is not available in the DualShock controller.

There is a slight change in design on the controller's rechargeable battery, as the DualSense controller comes with a USB-C charging port compared to PS4 DualShock Micro USB. Consequently, the battery life for the DualSense controller id a bit longer than the usual four to eight hours available for DualShock.

The built-in microphone and a create button features are other outstanding differences between these two Sony controllers, with DualSense coming up with advanced microphone capabilities devoid in DualShock 4. These two add-on features in the DualSense controller enable players to enjoy some quick chats and conversations with their friends in the middle of a game. The DualShock 4 controller usually comes with a share button, permanently replaced with a create button in the new ps5 official controller.

The DualSense 5 comes with a creative lightbar surrounding the touch pad that was not available in the PS4 DualShock controller design. In the previous version, the light bar was only open on specific games only.

The built-in speakers that were profound in PS4 DualShock 5 Controller got dropped in the new PS5 DualSense release with an inbuilt microphone taking their place.

While using the ps5 official controller, you won't overlook its super wireless controller capabilities, which was missing in the previous versions of the PS4 DualShock 4.

When it comes to compatibility with other devices, PS4 DualShock is well known to be compatible with android 10, iOS 13, and Personal computer. With the DualSense controller, it is yet to get established on its compatibility with other devices.

These two controllers weigh relatively above 200 grams, with PS4 DualShock weighing about 210 grams. Its PS5 DualSense pro controller weighs a bit higher with approximately 280 grams as its net weight.

There is this question that gets asked around quite often, whether the PS5 DualShock controller can work with the PS5 DualSense controller. Based on the manufacturer's announcement, it's unlikely that the DualShock 4 controller will work with the DualSense controller. In some instances, the DualShock 4 controller can work in a PS5 controller. It is because PS5 comes with backward compatibility features.

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