WWE 2K18 Won't Have Paid Microtransactions, 2K Confirms

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2K has confirmed via Twitter that WWE 2K18 do not possess paid microtransactions in any way, and unlocking loot cases only occurs via in-game currency.

This is without a doubt a fantastic change of pace right after the microtransactions related disappointments with Forza Motorsport 7 and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

There are not any paid microtransactions in #WWE2K18. Specifics of unlocking loot cases via in-game currency has arrived: https://t.co/ZmJQQJ7Bin. https://t.co/ZzF42lnUrM

– WWE 2K18 (@WWEgames) October 2, 2017

WWE 2K18 is because hit PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 17th, even though the Nintendo Switch port will likely be available later this season.

For a detailed overview about how unlocks and loot cases work in WWE 2K18, see this excerpt extracted from operate text.


Unlocks and Loot Cases

Along with upgrading your MyPLAYER comes deeper customization. In 2010, you are able to unlock many hundreds of moves and Superstar parts to customize your MyPLAYERs as you see fit.

Unlocks may be earned through loot cases and progression within both MyCAREER and ROAD TO GLORY. Most Superstar parts and moves are locked from the outset. Once a specific thing is unlocked, this will make it purchasable with VC.

There are three quantities of loot cases:?Bronze,?Silver?and?Gold. You then have a higher prospect of unlocking scarcer products in?Silver?and?Gold?cases. You can aquire loot cases in MyPLAYER, MyCAREER and Approach to GLORY. Additionally, you will earn loot cases through progression within both MyCAREER and Option to GLORY.



Reward Types and Rarities

There are four varieties of rewards that could be earned from loot cases:

  • SUPERSTAR PARTS C This could be any specific Superstar parts, at a couple of boots with a Superstar’s tops;
  • MOVES C These are generally grouped into sets, and sometimes by move type, for instance a Grapple Pack or Strikes Pack;
  • VC C There’s a lots of VC which might be earned at a loot case;
  • BOOSTS C Boosts are used in Route to GLORY.

In each category, rewards may be found in three rarity levels:


There are usually Rare Superstar parts and moves which might be unlockable exclusively through MyCAREER and Method to GLORY.

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