Xbox One's Backwards Compatibility Library Is receiving Bigger with Original Xbox Titles

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During Microsoft’s E3 conference, Phil Spencer announced that Xbox One’s backwards compatibility library just became a tremendous amount bigger with original Video games.

Most notably, however, was the incredibly well-liked Crimson Skies: High Method to Revenge. For all unaware, Crimson Skies is really a well-received arcade flight title.

Unfortunately, not any other original Xbox games were confirmed to be going to the backwards compatibility library to the Xbox One, nor did we be given a date when ever these games will likely be added, other than later this holiday season.

Phil Spencer did, however, point out that the games will “look and play better” on Xbox One. The extent to which currently remains seen.

For more about E3 2017 and Microsoft’s conference, you should definitely keep it locked to Twinfinite.

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