XBX1 4K Content Is often Preloaded Via Xbox One Alpha Update; Releasing to Public Before XB1X Launch

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Microsoft has released a new Xbox One Alpha update which enables users to download 4K game content before Xbox One X launch in the future.

Available have a look at those who are in the Xbox insiders Alpha ring, the new preview build allows users to make for that Xbox One ahead of time by downloading 4K game assets ahead of time. Downloaded content may then be sent to a device. Folks that lack an external storage device can opt to download the 4K prepared to their Xbox One console. Necessary . might be sent to the Xbox One X using network transfer.

According to Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra, the is planning to release the update on the public prior to Xbox One X’s release on November 7th. “Yes, it’s going to be”, Ybarra said on Twitter when inquired on the update’s availability. When asked whether or not the 4K updates might be mandatory over the Xbox One family, the Microsoft executive added that developers can make to restore optional for players.

You can discover the entire release notes for your new Xbox One Preview Alpha build down below:


OS version released: rs3_release_xbox_dev_1710.171003-1002

Available: 6:00PM PDT 10/5 (1:00AM GMT 6/10)


Download 4K Game Content

We’ve added an incredible new setting that’ll help you get ready for Xbox One X by downloading available 4K game content ahead of time. Download 4K content on your external games & apps hard drive and plug it within the Xbox One X to relax and play without delay! Without having an external memory, it’s also possible to download 4K game content straight away to your overall console, then transfer your games & apps for your Xbox One X using network transfer to start out faster.

NOTE: This selection was enabled via live setting and is on the market without downloading this feature update.

Backup Settings

Streamline setup with a new console by driving in reverse banking account and key system settings to a external games & apps sd card. Plug the hard drive within your new console before putting together to transfer your copied settings. To gain access to strikes, open the Guide and navigate to System> Settings > System > Backup & transfer.

NOTE: This feature was enabled via live setting and is available without downloading the software update.


Games & Apps

  • Fixed a challenge which caused Games & Apps to do not display a network transfer in progress in the Queue.
  • Miscellaneous improvements for graphics and also gratifaction in some games.
  • Resolved a dilemma which prevented certain apps from launching.

Party Chat

  • Fixed a worry which could cause poor calibre audio after a party chat session is initiated.
  • Fixed a concern which sometimes caused party chat voices to sound robotic or distorted.
  • Fixed a concern which sometimes caused party talk to disconnect.
  • Improvements to end degraded party chat performance while playing a game title.

Game DVR

  • Fixed a challenge which sometimes prevented game clips from uploading.
  • Fixed a concern which sometimes caused a white frame to appear briefly in recorded game clips.


  • Fixed a problem which may sometimes increase the risk for console to unexpectedly crash.

USB Webcam

  • Fixed a concern which prevented certain webcam models from functioning when connected.


Forza Motorsport 7

Resolved a concern which sometimes caused the action to crash or neglect to launch.



  • Resolved an issue which sometimes prevented notifications from popping up.


  • Fixed a worry which caused Skype to crash when receiving an incoming call.

Blu-Ray Player

  • Resolved a concern which sometimes caused 3D Blu-Rays to learn in 2D.
  • Miscellaneous fixes for Blu-Ray HDR playback.

Games with Gold

  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Games with Gold lounge from launching with the tile on Home.


  • Fixed a worry which may sometimes cause stuttering in Netflix.

Display & sound

  • Resolved a concern which sometimes prevented those great television from switching to HDR mode when playing 4K UHD HDR content.

Movies & TV

  • Fixed a difficulty which sometimes caused the films & TV app to crash after stopping and resuming playback.


Games & Apps

You may notice stuttering or decreased performance in games and apps whilst the guide is open or even the console is downloading content device.

Game saves usually takes a long time to sync.

Workaround: Downloading certain game and apps (Minecraft, Netflix, Hulu, etc.) can cause this. Pause the download, then attempt to sync game saves.



  • Setting experience from recent achievement art is not going to function.


  • The right and left navigation for choosing time and date during Tournament creation currently is reversed if the console language is determined to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation in Tournament twists is reversed if the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.
  • Left and right navigation while in the bracket examine Tournaments is reversed if the console language is set to Arabic or Hebrew.


  • Text over the account and password sign-in screen in Arabic or Hebrew language can happen aligned within the left as opposed to the right side.?


  • When using Hebrew language, Netflix doesn’t launch. A fix for this concern shall be available soon.

Avatars on Home

  • Users wishing to represent themselves just as one avatar can perform so by changing their settings under My profile > Customize profile > Show my avatar.


The Xbox One X is slated for a worldwide release on November 7.

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