Xenoraid Doesn't Break New Ground within the Roguelike Genre, But No less than it's Fun

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Xenoraid on PS4

A cascade of enemy vessels spirals toward me and Lt Newell’s ship has more or less been there. Much like the enemy opens fire and hot plasma rushes to close Newell’s doom, a brief tap with the square button plus the young ensign Burnell switches in. “I’m taking point,” he declares within a cocky swagger C fresh from the academy. (I imagine there’s probably an academy.) After trading blows and vanquishing the enemy, Burnell’s ship is hit pretty bad; just like he refers to a hulking enemy cruiser, his computer announces that he’s at critical damage. “It’s merely a scratch,” he admits that. Classic Burnell. The hot-headed bastard could have most of us rush headlong in to the alien fleet. He’s got everything to prove, and that he proves it, finishing the beefy frigate with a few deft missiles as well as a flurry of laser fire. Mission accomplished, Burnell. You were good C maybe too good.

Of course, that backstory happened exclusively in doing my head while playing Xenoraid, but such could be the wonderful thing about roguelike permanent death characters. They tackle lives and stories a bunch of their own. It’s just a nice addition to the vertical-scrolling space shooter. You can find robot pilots too; their superior officer represents them as rust-buckets. It’s political. I won’t get into my droid story now, do not worry.

If you’ve played anything from Gradius and R-Type, to Xevious or even just Asteroids, you can be in familiar territory here. Alien ships descend on the top; you’re in the bottom; you’ve complete freedom to move in almost any direction; and might blast in your primary weapon and punctuate your attack together with the odd missile. Shooting seamless comfort. Small ships are charmingly early-stage: they seem like classic NASA shuttles retrofitted with guns and rockets. Little boosters sway you in all directions and also the ships feel bottom-heavy C it can make aiming an extremely rewarding aspect to master. There’s few as satisfying as heaving your ship from left to right, pinging off a missile, and hitting a speed boat top-right corner. It’s like putting top spin with a tennis ball. It’s also nice how few hits you are able to take: it will make the whole thing somewhat weightier, and makes you play defense.

Speaking of playing defense, the approach fits very nicely indeed, and means it is important to monitor your four-strong squad constantly to determine how most people are doing. You accrue credits because you play as well as it more costly to acquire a whole new ship as opposed to to correct a vintage one. Plus if characters stay with you you may have more time to come up with backstories. If you are caught between an asteroid including a swarm of enemy fighters, replacing into a teammate is an efficient way to dodge damage. You’re invulnerable prior to the next fighter consumes position, that’s indicated by somewhat white outline place the the place you like. Rapid switching is vital to starting the game’s frenetic battles; when things get hectic, a squadron is a lot more adept compared to a single pilot C regardless how bloody flash Burnell thinks they’re.

Genre staples abound: screen-filling bosses, little plasma balls that irritatingly follow you, enemies that they like to dodge your shots and close you against the sides. It’s really worth getting a not much time out and spending some of the hard-fought credits on upgrades. Not merely because adding further outlandish contraptions on to your humble craft makes you find that a NASA-sponsored Xzibit, but for the reason that game throws a chewy challenge your way. It’s worth making improvements because you’ll actually need them: your weapon overheats after you really desire it not to, to ensure you should get the cooling chamber; if you are web marketing, you will want to double your rate of fireside C why don’t you? Likely to awful great number of Xenos(?) about. In actual fact, For those who realise you are outnumbered (you can expect to), you will want to bring somebody? The co-op mode isn’t so much a fantastic touch as being an essential one. It’s fun whilst it’s not new, it functions well.

These little touches, whilst nice additions, don’t quite save Xenoraid from slipping in to the quicksand of the basis. You’re here before, often over. It’s not rare sick and tired with it. There are efforts to pep you up occasionally: at one time a sort of space flamethrower (science be damned) is introduced to the mix, where there are enemies who have energy shields and homing lasers, breathing some variety within the campaign. The music activity too does a great job of setting the weather; fantastic nice driving synth on it that recalls Amiga classic Alien Breed.

These additions have already been layered atop quite a old chassis, and while they actually do prevent boredom for just a little while, it feels as though chugging cheap energy drinks to prolong the inevitable crash. When you will find games out there like Rez and Geometry Wars that reinvent that chassis, it’s difficult to relax and play like Xenoraid and feel- well, much in any respect. Still, I am thinking about writing the sunday paper about Ensign Burnell at some point.

Score: 3/5 – Fair


  • Shooting seamless comfort.
  • Nice touches somewhat freshen the formula.
  • Nice soundtrack.


  • It gets repetitive and boring prior to a end.
  • We’ve been here frequently over.
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